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Yr5/6 Boccia – 23rd January 2015 -  By MERIS WARD age: 10 and CHLOE KIRTLEY age: 11

Everyone enjoyed themselves on Friday when we were visited by a Boccia coach.  We had lots of fun. Boccia is a game that everyone could play even though most of us missed. It was a six on six team game and everyone got a ball and we had to try and hit the white ball or go inside a ring (hoop) or you could play other games like when we had to try and get near the cone but not touch it.

We interviewed Kieran smith and he answered a couple of questions like:

What was easiest, trying to hit the ball, getting the ball in the hoop or getting as close to the cone as possible? : The hoop for me.

Do you have any techniques? : Yes rolling the ball hard but not too hard.

What was your best bit? : Taking turns so everyone was involved.

We had a lot of fun.

Thank you!





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