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Foundation – Blennies

Welcome to the Foundation – Blennies page. We hope you like the new pictures. 

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Picture 1 Mrs Julie Gibbs Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Kerry Dunn Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Stina Kallgren Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Ms Tracy Stafford Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Ms Caroline Richardson Teaching Assistant

Welcome to EYFS 2015-16

Welcome to EYFS 2015-16  1 February Forest School Fun

Foundation, Year one and Year two trip to Wembury Beach!

Wow, what a great day.

Picture 1 Finlay enjoying his lunch
Picture 2 Hayley having fun in the steam
Picture 3 fun time after lunch
Picture 4 team work creating beach sculptures
Picture 5 William Bye's Sculpture
Picture 6 Mr Cocking and Mrs Dunn being children
Picture 7 Mrs Ridge rising to the challenge
Picture 1 Building a turtle using pebbles
Picture 2 Fishy pebbles
Picture 3 Funny faces in the sand
Picture 4 Heidi with her dolphin (I think)
Picture 5 Great team work in year 2
Picture 6 Look at the Mermaid on Wembury beach
Picture 7
Picture 8 fun faces
Picture 9 Henri and her team working hard
Picture 10 We can even find sparkly treasure on the beach
Picture 11 Elle and Nicole sharing the treasures they found
Picture 12 The boys building their model
Picture 13 Mrs Brookings group built a swirl
Picture 14 the swirl
Picture 15 some of us built towers
Picture 16 just chillin'
Picture 17
Picture 18 Even more mermaids
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22 what a fanastic fish
Picture 23 turtles on Wembury beach
Picture 24 Even more mermaids
Mrs Dunn will be teaching from Monday to Thursday after half term and Mrs Riley will be teaching on Fridays

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