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Picture 1 Mrs Julie Gibbs - Teacher
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Yesterday, when we arrived in school, one of our chicks had hatched! We were so excited! We think it's a boy because it is black and yellow! (Girl chicks are all yellow apparently!! Time will tell!)

Lots of children, parents and staff came to meet our chick! He was running around the incubator, cheeping loudly and then stopping for a rest! The egg that he hatched out of was so much smaller than him - We couldn't believe he had been growing inside it!)

Then, later in the day we actually saw another chick hatch! Have a look here!

Last night number three chick arrived!

And this morning there is another egg with a crack appeared.... Watch this space for more....

I wonder how many chicks will be hatched by Monday?

Meet the chicks!

We've been finding out about CHINESE NEW YEAR. 2015 is the Year of the Goat

Alien Invasion   

This week we have been reading 'fiction' - stories about Aliens and thinking about whether they really 'exist'.

We have loved reading Man on the Moon, Aliens love Underpants, and Q Pootle 5.

We have discovered that the author of Q Pootle 5 has written lots of stories we love - including all of the Percy the Park Keeper stories.

We have been collecting & counting aliens with a sand timer, sewing some Alien puppets and making some strange alien play-dough monsters!

Have a look at more of our monsters in the link below:


This week we dressed up as characters from Star Wars or Space and had great fun making our scooters into Space Vehicles. We were very creative and used lots of 'imagination'! We also made yummy planet pizzas! The 'Force' was with us! Look at our photos on the link below









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