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Maths Homework

3/6/15  After a week of rest we are back to it, working hard, exploring data and time. Your child will bring home a paper copy of their homework along with an extra challenge: to create a time challenge questions to solve themselves. E.g. How many seconds did half term last for? How many seconds are in a weekend?

14-05-15    This week your child will bring home their 'Learn its' challenge so they can practise their times tables. We are focusing particularly on the 12 times tables. Please play the following game:

Username: wembury

Password: wembury

Don’t forget….when multiplying by 12 you already know 10 x so then add on e.g. 2 more groups of 8 for

12 x 8.

12/3/15 Your child will bring home a paper copy of their homework this week based on converting units of measure. Please also continue to practise the 7 and 8 times tables.
29/1/15 - Maths homework has been sent home on paper this week. Homework is based on solving problems with money or area and perimeter. Children will also be able to solve word problems involving money by following the link provided on the homework sheet. 

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