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Maths Homework


Please note that no homework will be set this week due to half term. 


This week the children have been collecting and presenting data in bar charts and line graphs. This fitted in perfectly with our mock general election! Homework this week is based around data handling and has been sent home on paper. 


This week the children have been learning about factors and multiples. They have learnt that factors are whole numbers that divide exactly in to an other number. Their homework this week allows them to practice working out the factors of different numbers. This has been sent home today on paper. 


Please see the children's homework folder for this weeks Maths homework.



For homework this week, the children need to complete the worksheet on fractions. They will need to calculate the new cost of each of the items after the discount and then work out which shop is the cheapest. This has been sent home on paper in their Homework folders.  


Maths homework is a task on fractions and has been sent home on paper this week.

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