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Parliament Comes to Wembury Primary!

Last week (15.1.14) Rosamonde Birch, the Parliamentary Regional Education Outreach Officer for the South West visited KS2 and  taught us all about how our parliamentary system works, with discussions and a quiz about many aspects including: the history of parliament, how a bill is passed, how MP's debate, democracy and the relationship between the Queen and the State.  


Pupils  formed their own parties, drew up manifestos based on how they would improve their schools and voted on which party they wished to 'elect'.  They also participated in a fantastic debate, with the benches set out like the House of Commons.  Amazingly, having debated whether or not they should have homework in Primary Schools, most pupils voted that it was a good thing and they wished to keep it!!  Even some of those who had been opposed at first, decided that the arguments for homework were very good.


We have continued building on this learning this week in Year 4/5 and 6 English lessons, with a celebration of Democracy Day on Tuesday, further debates about graffiti and further learning around Westminster and the Youth Parliament.  

We are very grateful to Rosamonde for kick-starting such an exciting topic.  Pictures, persuasive arguments and videos to follow!

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