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Reasoner of the Week


The Reasoner of the Week is a child in each class that has been recognised for their mathematical reasoning skills. Reasoning enables children to make use of all their other mathematical skills and so reasoning could be thought of as the 'glue' which helps mathematics makes sense. They may be able to; follow a line of enquiry, explain relationships, develop/explore an argument or justify/prove an idea using precise mathematical language.


Each week, one child from each class will be chosen and presented with a certificate during our celebration assembly.


Videos of the 'Reasoner of the Week' in action will be regularly uploaded in this folder.  


This week's Reasoner is Harrison!!  Harrison showed excellent reasoning in explaining how he worked out the following problem... try it yourselves!


"I'm thinking of a number. I add 6 and the answer is 18. What was my number?"

Harrison explained that he did a mental subtraction of 18 take away 6 and the answer was 12.

Apologies for lack of video this week. It didn't record well :(






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