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School Council:

The School Council are the voice of pupils. They meet regularly with Mrs Riley and representation from the school governors. Minutes from the meetings are on display on the Pupil Voice noticeboard and these are also shared with our governors.

The members will ask questions and bring information to the meetings and then have the responsibility of taking this back to their classes, and if need be find out further information. With other pupils' support and ideas they will help shape the school and help to make some changes that have a positive impact upon the outcomes for children and their learning. 

Look out for their 'Comments Box' and don't forget to share with them any concerns or ideas that you may have.

Picture 1 Jo Y6
Picture 2 Zac Y6
Picture 3 Henry Y6
Picture 4 Ruby Y6
Picture 5 Kenzo Y5
Picture 6 Sommer Y4
Picture 7 Seb Y4
Picture 8 Harrison Y3
Picture 9 Nicole Y3
Picture 10 Freddie Y2
Picture 11 Felicity Y2
Picture 12 Maya Y1
Picture 13 Reuben Y1

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