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School Development Priorities 2016-2017

Each year the school staff and governors consider the school's strengths and areas for development, with additional input from parents and pupils,  to ensure standards, achievements, the environment, safety & well-being as well as leadership and management are on a continual drive for improvement.

Below are the main areas, overarching our development plan. Within each of these will be further actions and success criteria. For example WRITING is a key focus and will be evident in a number of areas, as will the way FEEDBACK is used to further learning for both teacher and pupil. Funding is allocated to ensure success, but this can only happen with the drive of excellence by all; staff, governors, pupils, parents and community.


Key Objectives:

1. Continuing to develop leadership at all levels (including governance).


2. Ensuring the effective induction of new staff, consistency in the quality of teaching and compliance with        school policies.


3. Continuing to develop the quality of feedback, self-assessment and pupils’ independent learning skills.


4.Developing the quality of outdoor learning to improve thinking and social skills.


5.Improving outcomes in spelling, punctuation and grammar to impact on writing in all year groups, to close  the gap between boys v girls.


6. Accelerating the progress of pupils in specific under-achieving groups; boys’ writing & girls’ maths.


7. Extending the school’s links with the community.


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