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School Development Priorities 2017-2018

Each year the school staff and governors consider the school's strengths and areas for development, with additional input from parents and pupils,  to ensure standards, achievements, the environment, safety & well-being as well as leadership and management are on a continual drive for improvement.

Below are the main areas, overarching our development plan. Within each of these will be further actions and success criteria. For example WRITING is a key focus and will be evident in a number of areas, as will FLUENCY in mathematical understanding and knowledge. Funding is allocated to ensure success, but this can only happen with the drive of excellence by all; staff, governors, pupils, parents and community.


Key Objectives:






Foci for action 2017 - 2018


Foci for action 2018 - 2019



The effectiveness of leadership and management



  1. Provide further opportunities for leadership development at all levels (including governance)
  2. Refine, create and adopt systems within a Multi-Academy Trust (WeST), to ensure the ethos, values and uniqueness of Wembury remain





The quality of teaching, learning and assessment



  1. Embed the quality of feedback, self-assessment and pupils’ independent learning skills
  2. Continue to embed teaching sequences, grammar subject knowledge (staff & pupils)
  3. Further develop pupils’ application of key grammatical skill



  • Sharing good practice and resources across WeST, across key stages, specifically KS2/KS3


Personal development, behaviour and welfare



  1. Enhance, and further integrate the provision of the Creative Arts, in a broad, rich curriculum






Outcomes for pupils





  1. Improve outcomes in spelling, punctuation and grammar, to promote and embed high quality writing outcomes, in all year groups, across the curriculum
  2. Accelerate the progress of pupils in specific under-achieving groups; boys’ writing & girls’ maths
  3. Develop children’s ability to reason mathematically further and to solve problems, doing so with fluency further and maths across the curriculum





Environment and Community


  1. Extend the EYFS/KS1 facilities to meet growing need
  2. Support and collaborate across Plym Cluster Primaries/schools, and across WeST



Learning for Life