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27.05.16 Phonics/reading homework-as diescribed in emails to parents

15.04.16 This week we have been looking at four different ways of spelling the 'ie' sound in words. Please encourage your child to read these words. They all contain the 'ie' sound-as in pie. The columns are in order of difficulty, so if your child struggles with the second column, don't move on to the third column etc. The final column are words where the 'ie' sound is split over a consonant so they have a 'split digraph' in. Try finding words with an 'ie' sound in their current reading book, or other texts. Can you find any other ways of spelling 'ie' in English words?





We are starting to study a new English text called 'Hot and Cold' which is a non-fiction text. Initially we will be encouraging the children to think about what information is and as an initial activity they are going to 'talk then write,' about something familiar.Please could the children bring an 'interesting item' to school on THURSDAY that they can talk about. This could be a toy, a book, a photo or something else. They need to be able to say 2 or 3 facts about their item. Please don't send in items of huge monetary or sentimental value.

On Thursday each child will be invited to share their item with a group of children. Thank you




Please encourage you child to read these words. They could underline the digraphs (2 letters that make one sound) as has been done for the first two words in each column.

Oa/ou words

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