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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Administration Staff

Administration Staff 1 Mrs Toni Nicholson Senior Administrator
Administration Staff 2 Mrs Linda Aldridge Administrator

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Susie Evans Headteacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs Lyn Chamberlain Deputy
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs Susie Jackson Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Philippa Edwards SENCo & Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Ms Patricia Kernevez Teacher KS1 Co-ordinator
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs Alison Law Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs Kerry Dunn Teacher
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs Rebecca Booth Teacher & PP Champion
Teaching Staff 9 Mr Greg Chantler Teacher
Teaching Staff 10 Mr Matthew Bennett Teacher
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs Michelle Riley Teacher
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs Claire Walsh Teacher
Teaching Staff 13 Mrs Jan Walpole PE Specialist
Teaching Staff 14 Martin Calvert Music Specialist

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Jacqui Edwards Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Juliet Shepherd Teaching Assistant/HLTA
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss Julie Brookes Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Caroline Houghton Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Sarah Paul Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs Simone Cater Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs Rowena Brooking Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 8 Ms Sasha Inglott Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 9 Ms Tracy Stafford TA + Meal Time Assistant
Teaching Assistants 10 Miss Lauren Hiscocks Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs Petra Dubauree Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 12 Miss Hannah Pooley Teaching Assistant

Meal Time Assistants

Meal Time Assistants 1 Mrs Simone Cater
Meal Time Assistants 2 Mrs Caroline Houghton
Meal Time Assistants 3 Ms Jenny Davis
Meal Time Assistants 4 Ms Tracy Stafford
Meal Time Assistants 5 Mrs Rowena Brooking
Meal Time Assistants 6 Ms Sasha Inglott
Meal Time Assistants 7 Mrs Sue Bull
Meal Time Assistants 8 Miss Lauren Hiscocks
Meal Time Assistants 9 Miss Hannah Pooley
Meal Time Assistants 10 Mrs Petra Dubauree

Educational Welfare Officer (EWO)

Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) 1 Debbie Barnes

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Mrs Sarah Nightingale Cook
Kitchen Staff 2 Mrs Emma Hogen Kitchen Assistant

Site Staff

Site Staff 1 Mr Terry Clarke General Facilities Operative
Site Staff 2 Mr Geoff Farrow Cleaning Supervisor

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