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Yeah... we're here! Photographs from September 2014

Picture 1 Don't we look smart!
Picture 2 Forest School
Picture 3 What can we do with our leaves today?
Picture 4 Autumn hedgehogs!
Picture 5 Yes! Seb can make this vehicle work!
Picture 6 Meeting Mrs Nicholson at the office!
Picture 7 Going on a bear hunt... it's a storm!
Picture 8 How many bears can you count?
Picture 9 Would you like a cup of tea?
Picture 10 Finding bears in the ice
Picture 11 Snack time!
Picture 12 Now it's time to test whether he can fly!
Picture 13 Can you mke a parachute for your bear?
Picture 14 Uh oh! Spiders!!!!!!
Picture 15 Sorting bears
Picture 16 Where will our bears be?
Picture 17 Ah.. the bears are appearing now!
Picture 18 What happens if we paint it with salty water?
Picture 19 Will it melt better on the floor?
Picture 20 This water is freezing cold!

Learning for Life