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Harvest 2-Ways


Our Harvest celebration is this Wednesday 17th October. A reminder that children are requested to bring a harvest gift of fruit or vegetables (or tins, jars and other non-perishable foods) with them for Wednesday, when the gifts will be presented to the Shekinah Mission; a day centre in Plymouth for homeless and disadvantaged people.

You are also invited to our first Apple Day Harvest, where we shall be pressing our very own orchard apples. Please come and join us at the orchard, at the far end of the school field, where fruit will be pressed to make some delicious juice for you to try. Apples will be collected from the school orchard and we invite you to bring your own too, especially if you have any surplus apples of your own? Please remember to bring your own cups/containers and to wear wellies!

Changing Rooms


At last the delivery of our new swimming pool changing rooms is here! The hedge has been lowered to enable the container to be lifted by crane, and put in situ over the half term. The exact date and time is yet to be provided so that we are able to inform local residents of any possible inconvenience. It looks great in the photos and we can’t wait to start using it.

Of course this could not have come about without ongoing fund raising and seeking out grants or additional funding. Firstly we need to thank FroWS for their donation of £6000, which has come from many years of hard work, saving and of course parental support. WeST who were able to provide the remaining funding through their allocation of ‘sugar tax’ funding and capital building funds, and to our governors for approval of schools capital funds, and especially governor Martin Luck, for liaison with contractors and overseeing this project. There are so many to thank and to know the impact this will have on our pupils and staff will just be phenomenal. Thank you all.



As you know FroWS had their AGM last week on 10th October where the current committee, after several years of superb work, have stepped down, due to other commitments. This now leaves an opening for a new committee.

Did you know that as a parent of a pupil in school you are automatically a member of FroWS? And like joining any exercise class or club, once you’re a member, you start taking part! We also extend our welcome to grandparents, and other family or community members, as a way to strengthen links and to local businesses, as many have key skills they could offer. Many hands make light work!

We know that the school gate can be a busy and frenetic time of grasped conversations and quick interactions, with many working parents not even making the gates! Like any organisation you are more likely to attend an event if you know others going; and much more likely to lend a hand if you feel a connection to the cause. Not all events have been about organising; there have been more informal meetings and social events, sometimes held in the pub!

FroWS have always provided the school with additional funding, which has ultimately enhanced the pupils' learning, environment and enjoyment. You only need to remind yourself of the money above to know how important their, and your ,work is. (They have provided funding for our Adventurous Play areas, interactive TVs, cameras, sound systems, lighting, chairs, window blinds, trips, iPads, annual swimming pool running costs, sports' kit and much more!)

However without a committee the school will be unable to run the many events that have been so phenomenal and successful, both in terms of funds raised and the social aspect, for the community. (The events are organised so that each has its own pack and guidance to run with – what could be easier?)

So, could you be our next heroes? We hope so because without you there will be no FroWS, no Discos, and no Summer Fayre! Please don’t let this happen – WE NEED YOU!

Please contact Mrs Susie Evans (Headteacher) for further information or if you have an idea how we can move forward.

Cross Country


What another fantastic effort from our pupils in the Staddi cross-country warm-up. Not only were there some brilliant individual, personal bests, there were so many KS2 pupils wanting to take part! A massive thank you to all those parents who supported this event and especially to all our pupils who ran, succeeded and completed the run. Wow!

For further details and images of the event please click here - Staddi Cross Country

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