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Reminder - Internet Safety


Don’t forget we have arranged an NSPCC Parents/Carers Online Safety Workshop in school hall (3:30pm - 4:30pm) today, Monday 15th January. We are providing a crèche (in Year 4) & refreshments; all welcome. This is a FREE event and we look forward to seeing you there.

However if you are unable to make this event, for advice and support on setting up parental controls,  adjusting, privacy settings, understanding social networks and more, visit or call 08088005002


'To children, online friends are real friends. Online life is real life. There's no distinction.'

School Census


The Government census, for schools, takes place this Thursday 18th January. This is an important date as the majority of our school’s funding, for the next year, is based upon this. As part of this the Government request that we provide them with information on the number of Service Family children, Looked-After children/Adopted children and Free School Meal eligibility children. (This is not the same as Universal Free School Meals which all EYFS/KS1 pupils are eligible for.) Each category generates a different amount of valuable, additional finance to the school and is known as Pupil Premium Funding. We have to publicly report on how this money spent and its impact. You can find details of this on our website here. (Reporting is retrospective and 2016-2017 will shortly be uploaded.)

If you believe, or are unsure, that your child is entitled to generate this additional funding, please contact us on 01752 862459 to check or update your details accordingly. Please note that this information is treated with full confidentiality.

Hi-Tech watches


Mobile phones and other electronic devices were mentioned in my last Blog, however it has been noticed that some children have new watches/wrist devices that do more than tell the time. Unfortunately if your child has a watch that can also take photos, link to the internet or radio we ask that these remain at home. The main reason is for safeguarding, however they can also be a distraction from learning. Whilst we appreciate that we live in an ever-changing, technological world, we endeavour to keep safeguarding as our priority. Fit-Bit type devices are acceptable but we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Thank you again for helping us to keep our pupils safe.

Childcare Survey


Thank you to all who have already completed the online survey regarding sufficiency and child care needs within Wembury. If you have not already done so we would appreciate three minutes of your time, for completion, even if you do not use, or no longer require child care. The survey can be found following this link www.surveymonkey.



The first Disco of our school year 17/18 has taken place. It was busy, it was hot and it was sparkly but it was fun! Thank you to FroWS’ members and parents, especially some of our new parents, for the organisation and support provided to make it such a success.

Football & Pokemon Cards


I have a collection of Football and Pokemon cards! Please could you ensure that your child does not bring these into school – they are banned for the pure reason they cause arguments and are a major distraction in pockets, during learning time. I know a great amount of money has been spent on these cards and would hate for them to be lost, damaged or even stolen. Children or parents, are welcome to come and collect their cards at the end of the school day, which are bundled up and named.

Thank you.

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