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Over the past week we have seen over 70% of Year 6 pupils, and 64% of Year 1 pupils, return. They seem to have settled in seamlessly, taking in the changed surroundings in their stride. The biggest excitement has been being able to see some of their friends again and having their own tray of resources! Parents and children have been so positive about the safety measures put in place, this is much appreciated. Perhaps we will see more children, in these year groups, want to return over the next couple of weeks? If this is the case please contact the office. However, please be aware that days cannot be chosen, they are allocated, to ensure bubbles remain a safe number.


Over the coming week I have further meetings and documentation to consider, regarding the possible return of EYFS children. At this moment, this is the only other year group that the government and WeST are considering. The false hope of all year groups returning by the end of the summer has been put aside.  As you can imagine, none of this is straight forward to organise. I certainly do not want to change the provision of offer we have already put in place, but further re-opening may mean an adjustment of staff.


There have been plenty of ideas offered by the government but with no clarity, or funding, about how it might work in practice. We have had to reinvent our school, establish a way of home school learning that is available to all, provide Educare and carry out welfare calls. Since the start of this crisis, staff have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly to support our pupils and will continue to do so. This pressure has been immeasurable, and we have yet to battle the most challenging autumn term and new academic year we shall ever face.


It is inevitable that children will need to catch-up, some more than others. That is why we are only stating that daily reading and number work is an expectation. Whilst it is understood, and appreciated, that one way does not suit all; some parents will want more, some less, with others wanting in one format and others in another, please remember we are continuing to adapt and doing our best; it will never meet all wishes. Most year groups now have a weekly, short introductory video, of the learning for that week. In addition to this we are currently looking at options of two way blogging, through our website, which we know is secure, but need to consider workload and how easy this will be for children. (And their parents!) Hopefully this will allow for greater interaction with the home learning provided but again we are very conscious that not all households have the luxury of individual devices or even a shared IT device. What I can say is that the vast majority of parents continue to be happy with what is being provided. (Thank you to those who have fed back, either way.) With staff now teaching within school, and for some in different year groups, as well as providing home learning, there will inevitably be additional pressures. May I ask that we are all respectful of these, alongside the many other duties staff have, including, but not exhaustive, writing annual reports, the welfare calls and training they are expected to continue? It has not been easy to suddenly change the way we teach, just as it has not been easy for many parents. These are tough and demanding times for us all. 

As mentioned in my last Blog, some of you will have already received CGP books, for your child, if not yours are on the way! Staff have been very creative in their delivery; running, cycling, walking or by car, and it has been so lovely to have the opportunity to see some of the children, and parents, too.

Little Allies

Are you looking for a little activity to entertain, educate and enable your child to empathise with what is going on in our troubled world? We have been sent this pdf, by one of our parents which provides guidance and a range of activities and resources linked around the subject of empathy, diversity and inclusivity. 

Click on the link below to find out more:

Little Allies


I would like to end by thanking parents, again, for their continued patience whilst we continue to evolve. Wembury Primary School remains a very special place.


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