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Summer Break

It is an exceptionally strange end to what will be a most memorable year, although not necessarily for all the right reasons. This has meant our usual celebration, of acknowledging our amazing Year 6’s transition into secondary and closure of primary school. However, as this will be my final Blog of this academic year, I need to congratulate them on all their successes, their triumphs, their uniqueness and for being such a talented and amazing group of pupils. I know they leave here confident and independent individuals, and wherever their future takes them they will embrace opportunities and be successful, like the super stars they are! We will miss you and wish you all the very best for the next stage of your education.  

September 2020

The next phase for Wembury is September – this is taking much planning and preparation but I am almost there. I will be sending out new guidance and documentation before the end of this week, but please be aware revisions may need to take place over the summer, pending the COVID situation. Should this be the case, you will be provided with updated versions, as appropriate.  


It is expected that ALL pupils will return to school. Should a summer holiday be taken, please be aware of the new quarantine rules, as this may impact on when it is taken. We hope that no pupil is delayed a start, on the first day, Monday September 7th, so that routines and good learning and behaviour habits can be quickly re-instilled. Pupils will be expected to wear full school uniform, with the exception of shoes. Due to guidance on changing for PE children will be undertaking activities where they wear uniform. With this is mind I would recommend all pupils wear trainers or similar sturdy, sports footwear to school. Please do not go out and buy schools shoes until this recommendation changes. Children will be expected to bring minimum into school, as resources such as pens and pencils will be provided for individuals. Children will not be permitted to bring in their own pencil case or other items. Further details of expectations are to follow in a booklet, and will also be published on our website. (Links will be sent out to parents.)


For those new pupils and families joining us in EYFS, we have now finalised induction and have liaised with Pre-school in order to support a smooth transition. Unfortunately, we are unable to undertake the usual home visits, but have created a short, online survey that we are asking all parents of EYFS, starting in September, to complete.



Although you are aware of your child’s class teacher, I was unable to inform you of your child’s class, support staff, as initially there was a suggestion they could only be in one class.  However, I am pleased to let you know that all TAs will be moving up with their current class. Therefore all children will have a familiar face; this will also mean that there will be an adult who knows the children, their likes/dislikes, and this will be key to their well-being at the start of returning to school. Class staff are in the process of preparing introductory videos for their new class, which will be sent out this week and also published on the website. Please ensure that these are shared with your child/children. (Current Year group pages will be archived end of July/beginning of August and new, year group pages will be created.)


From September the position of Deputy will be a joint position between Mrs Lyn Chamberlain and Mrs Susie Jackson.  Mrs Chamberlain is reducing her teaching hours and Mrs Jackson has just successfully completed her NPQSL+ (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership). We are very fortunate to have this amazing opportunity at Wembury; two leaders who bring with them a wealth of expertise, enthusiasm and dedication in providing the very best for our pupils.    

Blogging & Communication

From September, each class will have a new Blogging area on the website. Older children will be provided with their own log in. Only those logged in will be able to see the posts, and all posts will require approval before posting. This section will provide an interactive area between pupil and teacher, and link to the video resource area.  We have also created a new, year group email, rather than the generic photos@ or the one currently embedded within the home learning class pages on the website. This will enable parents to communicate directly with their child’s class staff. (However, please be aware that messages may not be responded to immediately.)


We still have a few families that have not yet activated their account for the School App. If you believe this may be you, as you are not receiving messages, please contact the school office on 01752 862459 or email, and your query can be followed up. Thank you.

Science Raffle Prizes

We have eventually got around to drawing the winners of the Science Raffle prizes – Winners were:

KS2 – Esme Brown

F/KS1 – Jo Knight

Congratulations to both, we hope you enjoy experimenting! Thank you to Mrs Riley for organising this.

Mayflower 400

As with many things all plans for Mayflower 400 have had to be put on hold. The Educare children have been involved in a STEaM project to create our own Wembury version of the Mayflower. Using cardboard and only a select few resources they have worked hard to build and waterproof their vessel with a little support from Mrs Law, Mrs Inglott and Mrs Riley.  We hope that the project will culminate in a race in front of the National Marine Aquarium in September, Covid permitting.

Summer Activities

Don’t forget, we have arranged two days per week, for the duration of the summer break, a multi-skills activity club through Argyle, at school. Through the link below you will be able to book the days you require. Due to the current situation Argyle have had to limit places to fifteen only, many of these places are already booked.

A polite reminder on return in September, due to entrance/exit points, we will be requesting parents to use the Barton Park car park as much as possible, as the main drop off/parking point. We would like provide local residents with a safe environment but also to respect that, at certain times of the school day, we encroach on their privacy and access to their property.  Thank you for supporting us with this.


And Finally...

I would initially like to thank all parents, children and their families for supporting us throughout this difficult year and for your understanding of the enormity of the issues we have faced, in keeping all safe. Your messages of thanks and appreciation to the school, myself and individual members of staff have been very much appreciated and warmly received. I would like to wish you all a happy, joyful and safe summer and look forward to seeing you in September.


Learning for Life