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BioBlitz & Global Environmental Awareness

As you will be aware from my last Blog we are collaborating with Devon Wildlife Trust and the Marine Centre on the BioBlitz project, Friday 27th September.  KS2 will be going down to the beach, carrying out a range of activities and KS1, EYFS and Pre-school children will be working with staff from the trust and other organisations involved with the project, within school. Details of what to wear and what to bring will be going out shortly.


Global Awareness

As a school we are more conscious of what resources we are using, their impact upon the environment, but also the impact globally. Whilst we consider products we buy and how these can be recycled/re-used or repaired, we believe that being involved in projects, as above, and learning through discussion, on global issues, have more impact on the generation that will be affected most. They are the generation that will more than likely lead transition and make the change. Through our Oracy and assemblies we have already discussed choices we can make. Recently we have discussed the Amazon Rainforest fires and the drive of Greta Thunberg. (See attached examples.)

As part of our programme of discussion, on current news topics, we would also like to further involve parents. (I know some have already commented on the conversations they have had, based on topics covered.) Please see letter attached outlining further details; all this will require from parents are conversations. This will enable pupils to come to the assembly, or class session, with further ideas to build upon.    

Christmas Cards

I know it seems too early to be mentioning these but this year we are taking part in a Christmas Card project that raises funds for the school. Children will be designing their own cards, which will be available to purchase through ParentPay but you will also be able to buy gift labels, mugs, magnets, thank you cards and placements with their design on. Their design will be completed in the next couple of weeks, within school, and later in the term you will be notified when designs are ready to be purchased. Help us raise extra funds this year from the designs children have had fun creating and are proud of.     

Meet & Greet (Years 1 – 6) – Wednesday 25th September


Year Group




Mr Bennett



(external KS1 hut)

Ms Kernevez



Mrs Riley & Mrs Edwards



Mrs Jackson & Mrs Booth



(external KS2 hut)

Miss Harvey



Mrs Chamberlain & Mrs Walsh


The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • allow you to meet the staff involved in your child’s learning
  • share expectations
  • understand routines, rewards & sanctions
  • introduce you to the planned topics & events
  • provide information or access on how to support your child’s learning at home
  • enable you to ask any unanswered questions, regarding the above


Please note that is Year 5 who are based in the external hut and not Year 6 as per the letter.

NB Foundation parents will be invited in at a later date.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

We plan to have our annual MacMillan Coffee afternoon on 4th October 2.30pm, in the school hall. School children will be able to join parents and family members from 3.00pm onwards. (Children will need to be collected from their class base.)

We will be requesting donations of cakes, raffles, prizes nearer the time as well for any volunteers that would like to help sell refreshments on the day. Please contact Linda or Toni in the office. Thank you.

Data Collection Sheets

Thank you to those parents who have already returned their forms or made alternative arrangements.  A reminder that these can be collected directly from the office or at the Meet & Greet. A reminder will be sent out to those, from whom we still require confirmation of details, after the 25th September.  

Tempest Individual &Family Photos

The annual date for these photographs is 3rd October 2019. Younger siblings and family members are able to come in to school from 8.15am, to join with Wembury sibling. No booking required but there may be a wait depending on how many families there are. 


Apple Day - this Wednesday 18th straight after school – don’t forget you can bring in apples from home too.


Please come and join us at the FroWS AGM, on Thursday 26th September, in the school Hall, where you can offer ideas or support, or just find out about the fabulous work and fund raising that FroWS do, and how just a small amount of support can provide a big difference. We look forward to seeing you there – ALL welcome.


Communication – all communication to school, regarding your child, needs to come via the office. Whilst it is appreciated that some staff are also parents, they should only be contacted re school business when they are in school and not directly via text or Messenger to bring a message in. This will ensure the correct staff get the message and will also ensure no staff are compromised. Thank you.   

Design Technology & other Parent Funded Activities Contribution – 2019/20

We would like to continue the system of collecting one annual payment of £5 to cover DT contributions and other school activities. (This charge has not changed in over ten years.) For example last year this fund was used to pay for a variety of activities including subsidising some visitors, contributions towards various theme days, as well as resourcing various DT projects.


On occasions as part of their DT work some children may be given £1 to purchase items for their project. This provides the children with a budgeting exercise as part of their DT planning. To clarify, only children who have paid the voluntary contribution will be given the £1 on these occasions.  Also please could you provide any information regarding food allergies as the children often take part in cooking and food tasting exercises?

Please make your payment via ParentPay.

Second-Hand Uniform

We have a range of second-hand uniform that will be made available on the last working Friday of each month, at 2.30pm, unless otherwise stated. We will add the dates to the school website calendar. Whilst we are currently considering the best way to operate this we are also asking for parent volunteers. Please could you offer any availability of date (if only once), to Linda in the office. (Any offers greatly received.)

Where possible we intend to tie in the Second-hand uniform to other events. Therefore the first date will be alongside the MacMillan Coffee Afternoon, as above.


We also have a growing pile of lost property! If you are missing uniform or clothing please check here as well as classrooms and lockers. At half term any unclaimed clothing will be donated to charity.  Thank you.

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