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In the words of Slade - ‘It’s Christmas!’


Excitement and tiredness are really cranking up as we move into the final few days of term. (And that’s just the staff!) It has been a lively and busy two weeks for the children too.




This year we saw both performances celebrate the story of Christmas and the Nativity through song and the spoken word. Foundation and KS1 embraced the story through the world of ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ with a dance-off from the Kings, the Shepherds, the Angels and of course not forgetting those fabulous camels. The music and song were very catchy and you couldn’t help but jig along to the sound.

KS2 took the singing to another level through a radio play, where there were three part songs, sung powerfully, clearly and joyfully, with many of the songs continuing the telling the Nativity story. However KS2 was a performance of two parts. The first half saw many of our talented musicians and singers perform Christmas music and song. It was a delight to see so many children wanting to perform, no matter their level of ability. What a fabulous way to begin the Christmas season!



So not only were Foundation and Year 1 getting ready for their performance but they also shared and took part in another Nativity at Pennywell Farm. This time with real animals – no camels but there were alpacas! They got to wrap up warm in outfits, whilst huddled together in the barn to retell the Christmas story. They looked to have a magical time – even the Angels! The children also got to travel on the Pennywell train as well as visit Santa, who I believe gave a small gift?

Click here for more photos and details.

Awful Auntie


Year 2 to Year 6 had the opportunity to see the production of David Walliams’ ‘Awful Auntie’ at the Theatre Royal – she was awful! But the play was exceptionally entertaining. The only downfall was the final coach having an issue with one of its tyres and retuning later than planned. Fortunately the children from this coach were able to entertain themselves with resources and activities set out in the theatre.

Village Festival of Lights


The annual turning on of the Wembury Christmas tree lights was not deterred by the weather. Fortunately it dried up for the evening where we were entertained by the Laira Youth Band, the singing group from the school, and the three (four?) tenors! Mr Clarke pulled out all the stops to ensure the evening went smoothly, with help from our new FroWS team, selling hot drinks and mince pies. Thank you to all who supported, I am sure the Shekinah Mission will be very grateful for your generous gifts.  Well done and thank you to Mr Clarke and to the FroWS team. 

Christmas Lunch


FroWS have had a busy week too!  After the tree lighting, they then served refreshments at the panto and then helped out at the school Christmas lunch. Not only were they Santa’s helpers they also provided the hats, crackers and brussel sprout chocolate to accompany the lunch, which they also helped serve. There was so much turkey and pudding! As you can imagine is was not a quiet occasion and much fun was had.  Again we have to say a massive thank you to FroWS for their ongoing support.

NSPCC Jumper Day


We then go onto Christmas Jumper Day, raising funds for the NSPCC. There was such an array of jumpers and Christmas outfits from children and staff alike. The school was a very colourful and sparkly place to be, a real Christmassy affair.


Elf on a Shelf


The elf seems to have been everywhere else except on the shelf! That naughty elf in Year 4 keeps up with his mischief and mayhem; feeding biscuits to the animals, crumbs everywhere; hanging upside down off the trimmings; throwing things onto the floor! I wonder what he has been up to now. Check out here for more of his ‘naughty’ adventures.

Parent Governor


The vote is in and ballot papers have been counted. As you know we had three very good candidates for the role of our new parent governor. We congratulate Catherine Woods, who was elected, and who will take up her new role in the New Year. We are looking forward to working with Catherine and the different skills set and experience that she will bring. We would also like to thank our other two candidates, Mr Neil Bellamy and Ms Laura Greeaway for putting themselves forward and showing such an interest into the future of Wembury Primary.

Did you know?


  • With the drive of the Maths Lead, Wembury has engaged with the Maths Hub (Cornwall and West Devon), over the past three years, improving the understanding, quality, and delivery of Maths Mastery across the school. As a result of this engagement another member of staff has successfully gained a post of Maths Mastery Specialist Teacher. Wembury was also selected as a model host school, to support the Maths Hub. Our EYFS/Y1 staff have recently been accepted on the research project for Early Years mathematics.  
  • 2018 KS2/Y6 outcomes in Maths were significantly above average (in the highest 10%) – 93% pupils achieved ARE compared to 76% nationally, with 54% of our pupils gaining Greater Depth (GD). The school also saw very strong outcomes for the most vulnerable students.  Disadvantaged students in Maths made greater progress than ‘other’ students nationally.
  • Year 1 Phonics is a strength of the school, gaining congratulations from Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP for ‘outstanding achievement’ with 96% putting us in the top 7% nationally. 
  • 2018 data indicates that at KS2 our outcomes are above the national data in all subject areas including at greater depth. Wembury was 14 percentage points above the national proportion, achieving 79% in reading, writing and maths combined.
  • Wembury is one of only 104 schools nationally (primary and secondary) to gain the first two years of Platinum Award (Sainsbury’s) for sports participation and engagement in healthy lifestyles, demonstrating effective use of the PE funding and development of staff skills set.
  • Three, Wembury, cross country teams have been selected to represent Plymouth schools in the Devon School Games for 2019.
  • The school has successfully gained funding, with support from WeST and a strong and active PTA (FroWS – Friends of Wembury Primary School), to replace the school’s swimming pool changing rooms. As a consequence we will be able to offer opportunities to the wider WeST community.
  • Wembury is recognised for its creativity and musical talent; having our own specialist music teacher/s for a number of years; winning a number of trophies in a renowned Music, Drama and Speech Festival.
  • Rates of absence and exclusions were both well below the national average.

As you can tell, Wembury continues on its successful journey, ensuring the skills and talents of all pupils are recognised and that they have opportunity to shine in their own way; academically, creatively or within sports. No doubt 2019 will be full of events so please take the time to read communications, look at the website and calendar, so you or your child don’t miss out.

Don't forget there will be no Activity Club/After-school Club on Thursday 20th December and school finishes at 1.15pm.

We would like to wish all children, parents, and their families a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 8th January 2019 - the first day of the Spring term.


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