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Asbestos on Pathway in Village – URGENT INFORMATION


We have received confirmation and information below, today, that there are chunks of concrete bound asbestos on the lane opposite the shop, going up to the skate park and possibly towards Langdon view. At the moment SHDC and DCC are negotiating clear it up. (Apparently it could take years to get the last pieces collected as more will emerge over time!)


Unfortunately the signs stating that the footpath is closed have been removed, however more are to be erected. The parish are asking for support to notify people via FB etc and to spread the word. Please ensure that you do not pick up any rocks, do not let dogs step off the path and do not in any way crush any rocks that are visible. It is not easy to spot unless you know what you are looking for. (Asbestos fibres can get on to the bottom of shoes then be taken in to home. Children playing on the floor/pets etc can inhale and of course it can be spread even further throughout the house. Whilst this is low risk it is still dangerous, especially to those with compromised health already. Apparently this strain kills more people than others because people think it is not that dangerous and therefore do not take the necessary precautions.

Advice - PLEASE DO NOT use the path at all.

get the last pieces collected as more will emerge over time!)


Summer Fayre


Wembury Summer Fayre – Saturday 6th July 2019. Midday to 4pm. All welcome.


Our third and final non-uniform (mufti) day will be held this Friday 5th July.


Please remember your donations in exchange for forfeiting the uniform for a day!


Foundation + KS1 please bring Cakes / buns / brownies and sweet treats. Shop bought or home-made!

We have everything crossed that the sun will shine, so please consider how the heat may affect your creations!


KS2 bring Bottles for the bottle raffle. Be as creative as you can. Anything in a bottle, from Shampoo to Champagne, and everything in between!


Thank you all so much for your donations to the book stall and the Jar tombola. We have some marvelous items for sale and to win. Such an imaginative group


For those who would like to dig out some high quality toys for resale, there is still time to donate to the Year 5 Toy Stall. Please bring your donations to the school office.


There is also still time to bring in any School Uniform that you are looking to recycle. This can be donated to the school office, prior to the event, for sale please. In good condition, laundered and name-tags removed please.


We would be grateful if you could start to return the raffle ticket stubs and the proceeds please. Again, deliver to the office. Any unsold items to be returned before Friday please.


We are so grateful for all the people who have signed up to help both on Friday evening to erect the Marque and Gazebos, but also on the Saturday. We need people to help set up, clear away and to man the stalls please. It makes such a difference when everyone does just one small thing, so please do sign up to make your contribution to the day.


With so many of the children contributing, this is going to be a fabulous day and we really do look forward to seeing you there.


The FROWS Team

Maths Mastery Audit


A number of external audits are carried out in schools, on a regular basis. (This may be anything from once a year up to every four years.) We have had a number of audits/moderation visits this year including; safeguarding, GDPR, Health & Safety, Maths and English with the most recent being EYFS Moderation (details below) and Maths Mastery.  

Wembury Primary has been on the Maths Mastery route for the past four years, (this is a method of teaching, in small steps, to secure understanding and fluency for all). Whilst we recognise the difference it is making for pupils and staff, it is always great to have verification externally. This is some of the feedback we have just received:


  • ‘Teaching for mastery is having a positive impact on pupil engagement and progress in mathematics.’
  • ‘There is a greater impact in KS2 (as evidenced in SATs results) with pupils meeting the expected standard increasing from 73% in 2017 to 93% in 2018. In-school data shows 2019 results expected to be above 96%.’
  • ‘Most essential features of teaching for mastery including whole class focused teaching, and employing small steps are embedded in the teaching.’
  • ‘Pupils are focused in lessons and make good progress.’
  • ‘The school’s focus on fluency has enabled pupils to access the curriculum more effectively and children are able to explain their thinking with increasing confidence.’


We are exceptionally proud that this audit, carried out for the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics), recognises the drive and impact that Susie Jackson (Maths Lead) has had in embedding this across the school,  with support from Greg Chantler (Maths Mastery Specialist).  

EYFS Moderation


As mentioned Wembury’s EYFS have carried out a moderation visit in conjunction with the local authority. The purpose of these moderation visits is to clarify judgements made by the school, on delivery, processes and outcomes.


‘The teachers were very well prepared for the visit and had detailed knowledge of all children and their families, which was evident in the moderation discussions. The two teachers work closely together and have an extensive, and complementary, knowledge of the children’s progress and attainment across the areas of learning.  Practice to support the development of writing was particularly strong.  This was evident in the children’s achievements, as well as the quality of the writing shared (particularly for exceeding).  Children appeared to be very motivated to write (even less able writers).’


All judgements were agreed as accurate, and even more pleasing, the LA moderator was so impressed with our EYFS writing that they wish to use it as a model of good practice and share across Devon. A massive well done to all of our EYFS team.


The Foundation class have also been learning the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Mr Clarke has been helping by preparing the ground and also building a frame for our beans to grow up. They can't wait to care for the beans and watch them grow. The Foundation class made Mr Clarke a thank you card for all of his hard work. 



Because we have the asset of our swimming pool we often forget how fortunate our pupils are. In recent meetings, with other heads, it was clear that most schools only have two weeks of swimming for the whole of KS2! (And this is often only Year 4 or 5.) Whilst we try to use the pool at every opportunity, across the school, it is obvious that sometimes a session will be missed. (Classes are allocated two sessions, and some have a third optional.) Whilst we endeavour to maintain the timetable, this is not always possible and sessions get moved around or even missed. Whilst we appreciate that children get disappointed, and possibly parents (?), we need to remember that over the course of a year, our games/PE/sports allocation is well above the expected two hours per week. Hence our achievement of Platinum in the School Games Award for the past two years. We are currently in the process of completing this year’s application and will let you know the outcome, mid-autumn term.

Reminder - Awards and Achievement date – changes


This will now take place on the final day starting at 12.30pm. (The children will have an early lunch.) The aim is to finish by 1.30pm, which is slightly later than our original finish time.



Annual Reports


Hopefully the majority of you have now in receipt of your child’s annual report? If you have not yet done so, please contact the office where we will arrange an alternative collection. Thank you for your support on collection and GDPR. Please remember to complete the comments slip as parents and with your child. These will need to be returned to school. Thank you.



Reminder - Church Flower Festival


The festival is open from 10.00am Wednesday 3rd July and continues into the weekend of the Fayre. The school is providing a contribution. 

Learning for Life