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Last week saw a very active week as part of our Healthy School and Sports Week. As you know I have already Blogged about the very successful School Games Day, the amazing achievements and efforts of all the children, and support of parents and families. However I think it deserves another thank you and if you missed the adult obstacle course you can view some photos through these links - 

School Games Day

School Games Day News 

Whilst activities were taking place on the field we also had Archery, Boccia and team games going on around the school. 



The children were obviously raring to go from the School Games Day on Monday – they were phenomenal! In all the heats our team came first or second, which saw them through to the finals. They also did so brilliantly in these that we came away with sooooo many certificates but also two massive cups! One for the boys, as minor winners overall and one for the girls’ 5/6 relay team for clocking up the fastest relay out of all categories of schools. (Schools are placed into three categories pending the number of pupils in KS2; minor, intermediate and major, with the minor group having the least numbers.) As there are around seventy schools, altogether, this was an amazing feat. Congratulations to all who took part.

You can read further news and photos on this event through this link.

Leg-Stretcher week


Mrs Riley, with support from staff, organised the ‘Leg-Stretcher Week;’ a week where children were asked to find alternatives ways of getting to school. This also meant a ‘Walking-Bus’ where children were collected en route to school. (This proved very popular.) Thank you Mrs Riley for organising this and to those parents who helped along the way.

Big Camp Out


Despite the change in the weather the Big Camp Out was a huge success. There were forty tents pitched and a number of additional day visitors, making up the numbers for swimming, rounders and other activities. The event was brilliantly run by FroWS but a special mention has to go to Emma, who organised the weekend, ensuring there were activities for both children and adults. (I can’t believe she sawed tree branches into coin shapes and then painted all 500 in gold!!) There was even a Fathers’ Day breakfast organised, on the barbeque. The children came into school buzzing about their adventures, though some appear a little tired!

The annual event has now taken place for the past three years, with the ‘Best Decorated Tent’ judging taken on, this year, by myself and Mrs Linda Watts (Co-chair of governors). There were some fantastically, original ideas, which much thought and effort, making it very difficult to judge. However we got there in the end with;

1st – Harry Potter’s pitch, with Harry, Ron and Hermione. William is definitely a fan as he could tell us all about the spells, the characters, the books and the station! Look carefully at the photos – they are about to be invaded by spiders!

2nd – Endangered Porpoise – a cleverly thought out use of props, by Caitlin, to demonstrate the plight of the Vaquita Porpoise, as mentioned in our news section back in January. It was great to see that she continues on her quest to highlight this danger, and a theme that she is so passionate about.

3rd – Roald Dahl Tent (Campervan) – Harriet was obviously inspired by the books they had been looking at in class. We even had to take part in a quiz! Take a look and see if you can work out which books are represented in her props.

Well done to all who took part, both in the tent decoration and in the weekend.


Annual Reports


Look out for your child’s annual report this Friday 22nd June, if you have a child in Year 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. For Foundation Stage Profile and Year 6 Report, they will be due out to parents on 29th June, as explained in my last Blog. Along with reports, and to the Foundation and Year 6 parents on the 22nd, will be a letter explaining the report format, assessment and who your child’s class teacher will be next year, along with class swap sessions. There is also a commentary form, for pupils and parents to complete, that must to be returned to school as confirmation of receipt of the report.

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