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This week was one full of meetings –

  • Visits for parents and pupils - making decisions for secondary schools – hopefully these evenings have been informative and helpful in your decision making?
  • Governors - to meet new staff and plan for the year ahead – new responsibilities and challenges will face us in this year ahead, not only because of education’s changing landscape but in how funds will best used for our pupils.
  • Myself - to promote the school to prospective new families and to other primary heads within the WeST Trust. (We are still awaiting some final details before officially becoming part of WeST.


This is the WeST logo, (representing the moors and the sea) which will become an additional part of our branding. Although our website will remain as Wembury Primary School, there will be an additional link through this logo to the WeST website, where information and the business of WeST will be found. (Once this is live on our site we will inform you.) We are looking forward to working more closely with the schools involved, having already had three, primary staff, training sessions this term.


The only good news with the budget is the PE funding we receive. The government have decided to double the amount schools receive, until 2020. This will enable us to maintain the excellence in staffing we currently have, as well as put funding towards new sports and projects. It is hoped that we can use some of this funding to enable us to complete the need for swimming pool changing rooms, alongside the amazing amount of fund raising FroWS have achieved. (Watch this space once we have confirmation, as there are limitations on what we are able to use it for.)

We were also presented with our fifth GOLD School Games Kitemark, this week, which is proudly on display by our School Games noticeboard. We are also one, of about only five Plymouth schools, which are eligible to gain Platinum this year. (This is both in secondary and primary schools.) We are currently awaiting the criteria, which is due out in October and we will be one of the first schools nationally to achieve this!


FroWS are holding their AGM on 18th October, here in school, starting at 6.00pm. All are welcome to find out about the amazing events they are holding this year, how money has been spent, new projects and how a little of your time could have a HUGE impact. We look forward to seeing you there.


D&T/Parent Funding

On the subject of funding, we are again requesting the annual D&T/Parent Funded contribution of £5.00, via ParentPay. Last year this funding was used to pay for a variety of activities, including subsidising some school visits, cooking and D&T projects. For some activities pupils are provided £1.00, from this funding, as a budgeting exercise for their project. (However to clarify, only those pupils whose parents have paid the voluntary contribution are given the £1.00 on these occasions.) As ever we are all having to manage with smaller budgets, and despite resource prices increasing we have not increased this payment for over ten years; it is invaluable in the support of projects. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.




A number of children have started to bring in toys and games. Please can you ensure you check your child’s bag, prior to coming to school, as we know they would be very disappointed and upset were these to get broken and lost? Even if your child attends Breakfast Club or Activities Club, please refrain from sending anything in as there is a temptation to get distracted by this throughout the day; in corridors this becomes a health and safety issue.



Thank you for your efforts in adapting to the revised drop-off routine in the morning. Two weeks in and the majority of pupils (and parents/carers) have settled well into the routine. There are still a few pupils who struggle to do this and we encourage further perseverance, from some parents, to drop their child off at the Main Entrance/Reception gate, rather than escorting their child down to the playground or even to their classrooms. This actually makes the situation more difficult and upsetting, as well as a safeguarding issue. Whilst it appears distressing for the parent and child, once the child is in school, those separation tears and anxieties soon disappear. To support all parents and pupils, with this, an additional adult will be on duty at the gate, much as we have done previously. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know all staff and for staff to get to know you. We also hope this will improve a timely attendance and arrival.

I believe the ‘Tears and Teas’ morning, set up by FroWS, for our new Foundation parents was successful, as well as providing an opportunity for new parents to meet each other? Thank you to FroWS for helping to settle in our new families so well.


A reminder that sweatshirts and cardigans worn should have the school logo. We are currently looking at availability of additional colours to cardigans, through our uniform shop, as we currently only have royal blue but it is not looking financially viable and colours are limited. Whilst we wish to offer the six colours, and for girls to be able to wear gingham dresses of the same colours, during the summer, we are researching how best to accommodate matching cardigans. In the meantime please ensure your child wears the appropriate uniform. We are very proud that we have a unique logo and that we are the only local school that offers pupils a choice of sweatshirt colours. As pupils have stated – ‘if I come to school in a colour I am happy in, I will learn more…and I have to respect the choices of others.’

Christmas Card Competition

I know it’s a bit of a shock to mention Christmas so early but in order for cards to be chosen and printed in time it’s that time of year. Not only are we requesting designs in for our school card but also designs for the Broadway Plymstock.


School Card

The theme for this year is ‘Diversity,’ which is also our Harvest theme. Please could children design a card, for Wembury School, that promotes this? It can be in any medium but should be 2D, and as flat as possible. (Use of IT is also encouraged.) Designs need to be handed in to the office by 10th November, with the child’s name and year group on the reverse.


Plymstock Broadway Card

The Broadway Shopping Centre Management team would like pupils to design a Christmas card. The winner will be invited to the Broadway on Wednesday 22nd November to ‘switch on’ the Christmas lights and get the festivities started.

All entries MUST include the Broadway logo (as below).

All entries MUST have the child’s name, age and school written on the back of the entry.

All entries MUST be submitted to The Broadway Management Office, 12A The Broadway PL9 7AU by Friday 17th November 2017. (Parents are encouraged to hand these in, or send,  directly to the above address. If handed into school please make it clear this is for the Broadway and these will be taken down for the 17th.)

We are looking forward to their amazing entries.


Don’t forget this Wednesday 20th is Meet & Greet for parents of pupils in Year 1 to Year 6. Please see previous Blog or letter sent home for timing details.

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