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At our November meeting the Governors had a presentation from Mrs Susie Jackson about ‘editing’, a project she is leading in the school. 


Simply put, the idea is that having done any written work, the children then go back over their work to check for ways to improve it. This includes spellings, grammar etc. but also changing words, e.g. changing one descriptive word for a better one, and considering the effect this has.


As well as a child simply reviewing their own work, editing includes the teacher marking correct work with a pink pen and where there can be improvement, with a green one. Also, children may edit in pairs to help each other improve. There is an incentive of a weekly award for the editor of the week, which includes a purple polishing pen being given out.


All of this is to drive our desire to see the writing of the children improve as they make their way through their education at Wembury and achieve the best standards they can in their writing. This approach may see fewer individual pieces of work undertaken, but more time increasing the quality of each piece of work done.


Last week, five of the Governors joined Mrs Jackson and Mrs Evans to tour the school on a learning walk to see, for ourselves, editing in action in all the classes.


The children really seem to have taken to this and are genuinely getting stuck into their learning.  

The lessons and the children’s books reflect how editing has become part of the way children approach their work.


Over past terms we have seen Maths mastery, the Oracy project and accelerated reader have positive effects on the children and our hope is that the editing project will have similar positive outcomes.


I then had an opportunity to visit an assembly and give out the editor of the week awards and thank the children for welcoming us into their lessons and letting us see them in action, then to encourage them to keep up the good work.


As I finish this blog, I must also mention my most recent trip into school to see the nativity play. It was fantastic and I left once again feeling so proud of the children and so grateful for the staff who put so much effort into making Wembury the wonderful place it is. Well done everyone!


As the Autumn term draws to a close may I, on behalf of the Governors, wish you a very happy Christmas.


Mark Oliver, Wembury Governor




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