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An Explosion of Fun!


Throughout the week, Science Week, children have had access to all things gooey, unusual and things that go BANG! Children have carried out experiments at home and shared these with peers. We have had secondary colleagues causing explosions, and screams, in the hall, but above all it was the science of learning. Providing visual and practical sessions, demonstrating their purpose to enhance understanding and gathering evidence.

The RSPB worked across the school, giving an insight to their work and providing workshops. Science is all around us, we live in an exciting world, but there is much yet to be discovered and learnt. Hopefully, somewhere, we have inspired some of the scientists of tomorrow?

Take a look at what they got up to through the links below, and if you have an exciting job or hobby you would like share with the pupils, for future inspiration and aspiration, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Year 1




Mrs Riley's Science Experiments go BANG!


Talk for Writing


Mrs Chamberlain, Mr Chantler and Mr Bennett attended a Talk for Writing conference, held jointly for WeST schools, at Coombe Dean School. Authors of this process are Pie Corbett and Julia Strong, well renowned for their work and publications on developing writing, both in primary and secondary education. WeST staff were lucky enough to have Julia Strong lead the conference.

Talk for Writing is a process that we have been using in Wembury for a couple of years. It is based on the principles of how children learn. It is powerful because it enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version. We have specifically noticed a difference, and rise, in progress and achievement of boys. Familiarising themselves with vocabulary, taking part in discussions and imitating the language and grammar used, through rehearsal of what they want to write and then ultimately write, has taken away that fear of the blank page! Ask your child how breaking down texts, planning and rehearsing texts has helped develop their writing and ultimately enjoyment of reading.

Parent Consultations


I hope you have all managed to have a meeting with your child’s class teacher to discuss your child’s individual strengths as well as areas to work on? Whilst we recognise that parents sometimes want to meet without their child we also recognise that children are more than capable of discussing their own learning. It is important that children have a voice and take an active part in their learning and that all adults understand their perspective. As a consequence senior leaders have discussed changing the format of these meetings to equip children with the tools to lead and discuss work they are proud of as well as areas they need to work on and where appropriate or requested, to provide time with parents only. It is hoped for this to start in autumn 2018, after staff and children have worked together to develop a format and to practise.

New Brochure


Take a look at our fantastic new school brochure. Although the format is the same as our previous one, we have updated photos and comments to reflect our most recent Ofsted and developments within school. You may even spot someone you know!

Girls’ Football


Go Girl Power! Despite a 2:0 loss, against Leigham, our girls were amazing. They embraced the game, working as a team, taking on new tactics and positions, with enthusiasm. Thankfully the weather had been kind to us, but I don’t think that was what kept them smiling! Coming back into school all I could hear was how well Sarah, our goalie played. It sounds like those long limbs were just the thing to keep out Leigham’s shots, earning her a well-deserved player of the match. Well done girls!


Match News Article



Zoo Day


The whole school are off to Dartmoor Zoo this Friday 23rd March. Please ensure you have read the information provided by your child’s class teacher, as we will not have time in the morning to chase up missing coats, drinks bottles, lunch etc. If you have not already done so could you please inform us as to whether your child will require a school packed lunch on that day? Due to the number of children and adults going, and the time we need to leave, it will not be possible to provide extra on the day, so it is vital we have the correct numbers. This is all weather pending of course, but we will endeavour to notify you of any changes made, at the earliest possible time.

Thank you for your support with this visit.



Hopefully you have read and put into your diaries our ‘Spring into Action Day’ on Saturday 24th 10.00-1.00pm? Hedging plants have already arrived. We have a number of ‘experts’ coming who will lead the day, courtesy of AONB, and supervise activities and groups. Please bring a fork, a child and a cake! It is hoped the weather will hold, so wrapping up warm is essential. Even if you can only spare half an hour it would be great to see you there and if you are unable to make it, donations of cakes would be gratefully appreciated for the workers! It is hoped that the maintenance of tending to the orchard will be an ongoing event, with support from both within the school community and other local community groups, making it a ‘school community orchard.’

The heritage apple, plum and cherry trees do produce fruit, which we have previously used in school but it is hoped that by taking this action we will see a glutton of fruit that can be harvested by all. We are also looking to develop the educational side of the orchard, with some new seating areas and signage as well as encouraging mini-beasts and birds through new planting and maintenance. On top of this further work will take place to enhance and remodel the Forest School area, under the guidance of Mr Matt Bennett.

Awards and Achievement Winners 16th March


The Courtesy Cups (x2) were presented to Ella Seddon (5) and Chloe Hawker (Y3). Both have demonstrated politeness, good manners and respect. Children are nominated then randomly selected to receive the cup. All children nominated are mentioned in our Celebration assembly, and then the two winners announced. The cups are taken home for the week to be returned for the following Thursday.


Stars of the Week – Going for Gold

These are children who have been nominated by their class teacher, support staff or pupils, who have shown an improvement, determination, or just having done something simply amazing.

F – Freddie Crawshaw

Year 1 – Thomas Booth

Year 2 – Finn Ord

Year 3 – Sommer Hill

Year 4 – Aimee Newcombe

Year 5 – Ryan Turner

Year 6 – Anna Hawker

A massive well done to our nominees and winners of the above awards.


Most Active Class of the Week

This week it was our Year 1. Keep active. Keep healthy!

Learning for Life