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We have almost made it to half term! Children and staff have risen to the challenge of ‘Recovery’ and this was very evident in the learning Drop Ins, that the Senior Leadership undertook, to focus on the well-being of children and staff.

Our pupils were very clear of learning expectations and learning behaviours, because systems and positive relationships are well established. (This was key for a successful return.) The children engaged positively and actively in their learning, responding to questioning and providing explanations, for their own exploration and thinking, confidently. It was very clear that children were still getting up to pre-lockdown pace but it was so lovely to see how well they were engaging, their love of learning, and respect for all. It was also very abundant that staff are exhausted so they are looking forward to the half term to recoup and recover.

Whilst there has been talk of a two week lockdown, we have heard, and know, nothing more. We will hear at the same time as the nation! In order to pre-empt any last minute notification we have written a ‘Remote Learning Guidance’ and trained staff and children on access to this style of learning. This information, along with a couple of ‘Home Learning’ exercise books will be sent home prior to half term, just in case. (Please look out for these.)

The guidance produced is about ensuring a shared understanding and agreement of what remote learning will look like for children at Wembury.  Taking care of our own physical and mental health, (teachers, children and parents/carers) is absolutely crucial. Our aim is to keep the minds of our children active and happy, ready to return to school and engage with learning when the time comes, alongside regular contact with all children and families. At the time of writing this we are expecting to return, with all children, on Monday 2nd November.

Please ensure you adhere to year group arrival/exit times, as an increasing number of children (mainly KS2) are arriving to school, before their allotted time. This not only means too many bubbles are mixing in a limited space, but there are other adults and children, waiting in these areas with siblings, or a cohort within their correct time slot. This not only does this increase the risk of spreading the virus, but it also compromises the efforts we have put in to keep all safe. Given the growing concern of increase in COVID-19 cases, please could we ask that all parents/carers wear a face mask, when entering the school grounds/site. (Unless you are exempt.) Whilst I appreciate you will be outdoors, at certain times of the day there remain bottle necks, and numbers in these areas grow beyond six.  Thank you.

Please see an update letter from Devon’s Head of Education & Learning, Dawn Stabb, on Devon’s current situation.


This next section is about celebrating the achievements of our amazing children and is of course the most important and enjoyable part!

Stars of the Week’

Congratulations to:

w/e 9th October: Zach Swinnard, Thea Latimer-Smith, Rafferty Thornton, Tommy Gibbons, Jacob Millard, Haydn Mansfield and Charlie Bates.

w/e 16th October: Isla Palmer, Josie Core, Gwen Adams, Amy Glover, Esme Brown, Elle Woods and Sophie Seddon.

A MASSIVE well done to you all.


Wembury pupils were the first to trial the launch of a PSSP (Plymouth Schools Sports’ Partnership) Duathlon event. Three boys and three girls from year 4, 5 & 6 took part in a run/ride/run event on the Wembury School field, during the school day. The children were absolutely brilliant and seemed to have really enjoyed themselves. They are exceptionally proud of their achievements, as we are of them. Go Wembury spirit!


Duathlon Article

This week we also had notification of some external successes. Firstly, remaining with the theme of sports – Congratulations to brothers, Oscar & Jacob Millard, for their participation, and success, in the #DevonVirtualGames. They had to walk, jog and run, achieving 20 miles each! Wow! Both were awarded a Bronze Medal for their concerted efforts.

The next successes were more siblings – May and AJ Durbauree. They put their artistic skills to good use, creating pictures for Devon’s branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Both received ‘highly recommended’ certificates and a goody bag for their efforts.


Reminder – please remember to make purchases for individual photographs soon, in order to receive these for Christmas.


Ducks – Please look out for a letter, this week, regarding Children in Need and how we aim to support raising funds for the great and needy cause this year.

We will also be holding a number of Mufti days, to continue to support and raise funds for FroWS. If you have alternative ideas of what else we could do to support FroWS please pass your ideas on to the office or FroWS.  

A reminder to keep safe and be kind.

With the rise in COVID cases locally and national, a reminder to maintain social distancing, especially on the school site. Where possible, please wear a mask.  

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