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I can hardly believe that four months have passed since I wrote the Governor Blog in June.  At that time we were nearing the end of a term where the majority of Wembury pupils were facing up to six months out of school, and staff were making meticulous plans for the safe return of our children when lockdown ended.  We had all learnt new skills: “Zooming” and “Teams” meetings, online learning and home schooling, and I took the opportunity to express my admiration at the work undertaken by all staff in extraordinary times, and to exhort everyone to support our young people, staff and leaders by being kind and staying safe.

Governors held extra meetings online in June and July and are continuing to meet regularly online this term.  Whilst children have returned to school, the virus still dictates how and when governors can do things – and it is an ever-changing picture. 

Once again, I would like to pay tribute to the staff and leaders at Wembury Primary School who have continued in the most important task of teaching our children and addressing their wellbeing, whilst remaining constantly vigilant and alert to the unseen threat that Covid represents, finding new ways to overcome difficulties and adjusting to ever-changing circumstances. Maintaining that level of focus alongside the already physically demanding job of teaching must be truly exhausting!

So as we approach the half term break, and as parents plan the half term activities for their children, may we, the Governors, take this opportunity to wish everyone a good week, spending special time with families, relaxing and replenishing energy levels.  If this terrible pandemic has taught us anything it must be how precious our time with family and friends is, and how important it is to be kind in thought and deed.  We all have such an important part to play in contributing to the health and wellbeing of those around us and all those we come into contact with.

Stay safe – and be kind

Lesley Taylor – Safeguarding Governor

Learning for Life