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Firstly, a warm welcome to 2019

learning and events suddenly seemed to have cranked up another notch so please check emails, texts, website and book bags on a daily basis. We often have some last minute changes, invites and confirmations so, to ensure your child has the correct resources, kit etc, it is important for us all to try and make regular checks. We know there are times when mistakes happen, but hopefully we can all support each other.

It’s Here! – New Uniform Provider


Many apologies to those parents who have been desperate to purchase new uniform. As you can imagine we had to ensure that everything was in place, and that we were satisfied with the quality and arrangements for parent to access purchasing and of course ensure the system worked! The system went live last week – you should have had a communication. The link can be found here:


MAPAC Uniform Shop


Or you can access through a quick link via our website in the Parents’ tab, on the home page.

Orders will be sent directly home, unless you state otherwise.

Again many apologies for the delay; we are in the process of catching up on outstanding orders, so please contact the office if you believe you have an outstanding order that is yet to be fulfilled.  

Ocean Drifters


On January 24th @ 7.00pm in the school hall, we have an open session for the school community with Dr Richard Kirby presenting his movie on plankton (Ocean Drifters) and discussing the making of the movie. The movie is about fifteen minutes long and has commentary by Sir David Attenborough. There will also be refreshments, teas, coffees and nibbles being sold by the French Club, who will also be promoting their Plankton project (Science and Art) and their twinning association.

These pupils will also be delivering a presentation to the Parish Council during their next meeting, on the 28th January, at the Wembury War Memorial Hall, so this will be a great opportunity for them to practise their delivery, with the support of Ms Patricia Kernevez. We look forward to seeing as many as possible there – it is open to all so if you think family, friends or neighbours may be interested please pass on the details.    


Fundraising updates:  At last we have totals -  


Children in Need - £362.57

Christmas Jumper Day - £113.05

Thank you so much for your support we these events. We very much appreciate how supportive parents and families have been, and are, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

Barton Close Children’s Park & Safety


Exciting news - Rhino Play will be starting work on Monday 28th January in the Barton Close Park.  The play area is being re-vamped and will take approximately two weeks to complete. Please could you ensure you keep your child/children safe and follow any safety guidance provided by Rhino or the Parish Council? For those older children, who go to the park and wait for parents at the end of the school day, it may be advisable to make alternative arrangements for this period and certainly reinforce safety. Thank you.

Village Hall Car Park


We have been requested by the Village Hall committee/trustees to provide parents with a gentle reminder of access and use of the Village Hall car park Leading up to Christmas there were some concerns over speed and safety of children. Obviously we do not wish for the committee to make a decision to close the car park, which they could do, should further concerns be raised. Please use the car park area with due care and attention of all. Your support is gratefully appreciated.

Play Equipment


Last term, FroWS and the school we were kindly in receipt of £500, donated by the Wembury Life Walkers. All stock has now arrived, been shared between F/KS1 playground, KS2 playground and Activity Club (after-school), and balls pumped up. All pupils will now have access to additional resources to enhance their play times. Our Play Leaders will play a vital part in facilitating games and ensuing equipment is used fairly, and looked after.  A Massive thank you again.

Disco Fever!


The first Disco, and the first Disco for our new FroWS committee, of this academic year has passed with great success. There seemed to be more children than ever, and certainly the refreshments and hair colour went down well, so well that some items sold out! We hope that all who attended enjoyed their evening, especially children new to Foundation and parents new to helping? Get your moves ready for the next Disco on Friday 29th March. Well done to all involved.

Learning for Life