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Governor Blog 22.6.20

Dear Parents and Carers

Governors are really missing being able to go into the school.  We are very much keeping in touch, though, and home learning.  Our digital skills have improved too!

The Governing Board met virtually on 18th June.  We were pleased to hear that the reopening of the school to Y 1, Y6 and Educare is going well.  71% of Year 1 and 77% of Year 6 have returned, apparently happily and safely, and from 22nd June 85% of EYFS will be returning.  Children seem to have adapted really well to their altered surroundings, and some parents report that their children are enjoying the novelty of having a table of their own! Children are able to return because of the very careful planning and preparation which Mrs Evans and the staff have done.  Governors are monitoring the school’s extensive Risk Assessment and Action Plan, now including EYFS, which is kept under constant review.  Quite rightly at this time, the decision whether to return or not rests with parents, and we recognise that every family is different and needs to make their choice in the light of their individual circumstances. 

Governors also discussed home schooling and welcome developments in online security which are making it more possible for children to see their teachers online and maintain more personal contact.   Actual face-to-face meetings have also been enjoyed by staff and children.  On a walk recently, I was surprised and impressed when under cycle helmets I spied Mrs Jackson and Miss Hiscocks pedalling round Wembury to deliver learning packs and see the children.  And didn’t Mrs Law and Miss Pooley do well on their run! Governors acknowledge that, for a number of different reasons, it is more difficult for some families to engage in home learning than it is for others.  Whilst it is not possible to meet everyone’s very different requirements, Governors are confident that Wembury is, as always, doing its best for all children, and is constantly evaluating provision, adapting to change and planning for the future so that no child is left behind.

Parent governors raised the issue of the rather complicated process of contacting staff by email.  This will be looked at again to see if it can be made more user-friendly, without further adding to teachers’ already increased workload.  Parent-teacher contact is of course important and welcome. 

We are looking forward to having some new classrooms, but, unfortunately, building has been delayed by the lockdown.  Within WeST some projects have been able to go ahead, though more slowly than anticipated, and Mrs Evans and Governors are pressing for work to start as soon as is possible in Wembury.  Covid-19 has emphasised the need for quality extra space. 

Finally, our thanks go to Mrs Evans and the staff for making the return a safe and enjoyable experience, and providing home learning, and to you parents and carers for your support for your children and for your feedback and support for the school.  Although socially distanced, the Wembury school community seems to be intact and well.

Best wishes to all of you,

Sheila Jenkins, Chair of Governors, on behalf of the Governing Board

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