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Constant Change

As ever we are in state of constant change and am sure like us, trying to keep up to date and on top of things takes some juggling? I think the analogy of the swan – graceful and serene on top of the water but pedalling like mad under the water, to stay afloat, comes to mind!

I would like to again, all parents, children and their families for their ongoing support and for your understanding of the enormity of the task, we continue to face, it is very much appreciated. Please may I remind you to adhere to your social distancing timings at the beginning and end of the day, in order to avoid larger groups gathering? Some children have been arriving on site before 8.45am which is for our first bubbles of Years 2, 3 & 5. Whilst I appreciate this can be trickier where there are siblings, we are trying to maintain the safety of the bubbles. We are trying to do everything we can in order to keep safe, given the heightened level for COVID-19, nationally. Thank you.

I think adaption is going to be the new constant; as we have been unable to hold our Celebration Assemblies we have adapted how we celebrate the achievements of our wonderful pupils. Last week we saw the first of our ‘in class’ celebrations and ‘Stars of the Week’ were announced to the whole school, via our announcement system, with children coming to collect their certificate.

We done to:

George Twine, Amelia Down, Harry Standlick, George Bates, Hector Vivian and Ben Baines!

Activities Club – Fridays

As you are already aware, we are currently unable to provide the Activities Club service, after school, on Fridays. (This is primarily due to lack of numbers and staff availability, making it unfeasible.) Should this change in the future we will let you know. Unfortunately, the provider for our online booking system for this, is unable to delete or block out the Fridays, therefore it still shows as available. It is not, so please do not book – thank you.  

Is your child due to start secondary school next year?

It may seem a long way ahead but now is the time to start thinking about your child moving from primary onto secondary school.

If your child was born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 and are in Year 6, they are now eligible to apply for a secondary school place.

All the information you will need about secondary school admissions in 2021 available via these links:

Devon (If you live within the Devon LA catchment)

Plymouth (If you live within the Plymouth LA catchment)  

From here, you can apply online for school places and read the ‘Next Step’ guide which contains all admission policies and application forms.

Applying online is quick and easy - all you need is an email address. Once you apply online we will let you know which school your child has been allocated on Monday 1 March 2021.


All secondary schools hold ‘open events’ for families to visit the school and speak to staff. Please refer to the individual schools websites for dates and further information.

Some schools give priority to children of members of staff and will ask for submission of a supplementary form as proof.

Please read the admission policy for each school carefully.

The deadline to apply is 31 October 2020 

Further information can be located in our admissions page - ADMISSIONS 

Contact with the School and Staff

As informed, all classes now have an email account to contact class staff. Details of these can be found on your child’s class page. Please note these should only be used for queries re homework, or non-urgent information concerning your child. Staff will be unable to access these during the school working day therefore should you need to pass on an urgent message re change of end of day arrangements, or medical/illness these should continue to be sent to the office on  or a message left on the answer phone.

As stated before, staff will acknowledge/respond to your email ASAP, and in some cases further details may need to be gleaned, before a full response.


Office 365 & Teams

All WeST schools now have access to Office 365 Teams, and will be undertaking some training in its use for home learning and pupil access. It appears quite secondary orientated so primaries are considering the easiest, and most suitable way, for use with primary aged children. We would obviously need to provide our children, with the learning on how to access and use for home learning; initial familiarisation and possibilities should provide access to online feedback and editing, use of videos and uploading of images. However, as you can imagine, much development of the system needs to be put in to meet need, to ensure it is efficient, and user friendly. We will keep you informed of progress, but if you are already an expert in its use and feel you could provide some initial support we’d love to hear from you. Please contact the office via email (as above) or telephone 01752 862459.

Individual photos

This year pupils’ individual photos will take place on Friday 2nd October. Unfortunately, the usual option for younger siblings to join in WILL NOT be available, due to obvious reasons. All photos will take place during normal schools hours.

Flu Immunisation

You should have received communication regarding this year’s flu vaccination for all pupils Foundation to Year 6? Please fill in the form online, as sent in the original link. NHS are requesting that ALL complete the form stating clearly whether they give permission or not.  Should you have difficulty in accessing the link, or have not sent the communication, this may be because you have not activated the School App. If this is the case please contact the office on the details provided above. Thank you.

Parent Contribution

We usually ask for an annual contribution, from parents, of £5.00 to support the costs of D&T projects, visitors etc. However, this year we will not be making this request. This will be reviewed for the next academic year, pending the ongoing situation.  Thank you for you past support with this.


A reminder to keep all safe.

With the rise in COVID cases national, a reminder to maintain social distancing, especially on the school site. Where possible, please wear a mask.  

Reminder - Homework

Homework will be sent home on a Wednesday, across the whole school. Completed reading books need to be returned on a Monday only. (If a child has finished a book early or not yet completed a book, especially the older children, please stick to these days.)

At the end of a unit of maths, a work booklet will be sent home to be completed. Please make use of the year group email for any queries regarding this.

For further information, please refer to the earlier communication sent out to parents, pertinent to your child’s key stage.


Finally, a massive thank you to all.



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