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What an amazing year it has been; so many events and changes! I am sure like staff your children are exhausted and whilst we have been so fortunate with the hot weather this has not helped.


This academic year started off with a massive decision and change for the school, becoming a partner school in WeST. There have been many positives on the collaborative side, with staff and children having a number of opportunities to work, and learn, alongside other WeST school colleagues, both primary and secondary. We are also looking forward to the rebuild of our changing rooms, as a consequence of being in WeST, having waited so many years to raise sufficient funding, with the inclusion of FroWS and parental support. (Thank you for your patience.)


Of course there have been some frustrations, especially back room, office issues, and HR, as well as knowledge of information. This is in part due to the set-up of WeST systems and lines of communication, which are gradually being resolved. However, overall it has been very positive, knowing that we have made the right decision for the school’s future.


Our sporting and creative arts prowess has been at the forefront, with many accolades won and achievements recognised beyond our locality. As you know I am very proud of the broad, balanced and challenging curriculum we provide, ensuring that we capture the interests and talents of all our learners. (Pupils and staff.) The richness of our curriculum encourages pupils to enjoy their learning, (most of the time!) and through this they also make some exceptional academic achievements.


Our unvalidated 2018 data at this time indicates:




Pupils in the

year 6 group

English Grammar Punctuation & Spelling





Reading , writing and maths

Reading , writing and maths GD



Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth















Pupils in the

year 2 group




Reading , writing and maths

Reading , writing and maths GD



Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth










Year 1 Phonics




EYFS Good Level of Development


National KS2 Data

These results are to be celebrated; pupils are to be congratulated on their achievements; all staff thanked for the amazing commitment they put into the pupils’ education and learning, and to governors for their challenge, and holding the school to account as part of their duties. I would also like to thank parents, and their family, for the support you provide at home and towards the school. It truly is a ‘team and community’ effort.

Maths Mastery


As you may know Wembury is taking a lead on the teaching for maths mastery (as can be seen by our results above). Wembury is a hub school where our lead teachers, Mrs Susie Jackson, Mr Greg Chantler and Ms Patricia Kernevez, support and coach staff in other schools on the overview, clarification and teaching for mastery approach. Mr Greg Chantler, and myself, recently attended a Maths Mastery Specialist Conference in Birmingham as part of his new role within the Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub. Children are becoming far more confident in explaining, hypothesising and discussing mathematics and as a consequence problem solving, and resilience to challenge. We are hoping to hold another Maths evening, in the autumn term, for parents.



We welcome three new teaching assistants, Mrs Petra Dubauree, Mrs Rebecca Wotton and Miss Hannah Pooley, who will start with us in September, covering a range of roles both within and beyond the class, at Activities and Breakfast Clubs as well. They bring with them a range of experience and personal expertise and interests and we look forward to working with them. (Awaiting photograph of Mrs Rebecca Wotton.)

Unfortunately we shall also be saying good-bye to Mrs Sue Bull who will be retiring at the end of this term. She has been with the school for over 12 years. Many of you may remember her from your child’s early days in Foundation? However we have not let her venture too far as she will be back, volunteering some of her time each week.

We shall also be saying good-bye to Mr Thomas Baxter, who has been a tremendous help over the past term, in Year 3 and the Activities Club. He will be taking up his place at Plymouth University on a Primary BEd course. (We are secretly hoping he may still be able to help out on the odd occasion!) We wish him all the very best in his chosen career.

Breakfast Club & Activities Club


As per previous Blogs you will be aware that we have made the decision to extend the timings of both of the Breakfast and Activity Club provisions, due to the changing climate, parental survey and needs. As a consequence costing will be adjusted accordingly, with effect from 5th September 2018. Please see the table below.


Timing – Monday-Friday

Cost per child per session

Breakfast Club



Activities Club

3.10pm – 6.00pm

(NB No activities Club on the final day of each long term.)



Booking and payment will need to be completed in advance via ParentPay. Please remember there is no Activity Club on the last day, Tuesday 24th July, and school finishes at 1.15pm. Thank you.

Holiday Activities


You should have received an email notifying you of Activity Days due to take place over the summer break. These can be booked in advance or on the day but forms, detailing contact numbers, medical information etc, must be completed in order for your child/children to take part.

Please follow this link to find out further details – SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUBS 



School uniform prices will increase in the new academic year. This is the first increase in six years, but as our provider’s costs increase ours will unfortunately follow suit. Therefore no further uniform orders can be placed until our ParentPay shop is updated.


Recent Events


What an amazing year of football – getting to the finals of both the boys’ and girls’ tournaments. This week it was the turn of our boys’ team, who managed to get to the final conceding no goals! Unfortunately they lost out on winning through penalties, but were very impressive in their play and team work. For more on this event please click on the following link to the website article.

Swimming Galas/Big Splash


As the weather has proved to be on our side we have made the most of it. Foundation and KS1 had their Big Splash Gala in the morning and KS2 their Swimming Gala in the afternoon. They were definitely noisy affairs! There were fun activities as well as races, with even some staff getting in on the act. (I’m not sure who won but even those who didn’t take part seemed to be very wet, like some parents in the next article!!)



It was a finale to end all finales. Year 6 took on the classic Ancient Greek inspired farcical production of ‘Fleeced.’ (A children’s book mildly based on Jason and the Argonauts.)

There was of course a quest, with distractions and problems along the way. Year 6 rose to the challenge of this in just two weeks – they are simply just such a talented group and their performances were amazing! Great modern day songs that including getting wet in the sea! (The audience that is. I have a sneaky feeling this was one of their favourite parts!)

For more photos and images CLICK HERE

TT RockStars Pool Party


Children across the school have been practising hard on TT Rockstars to improve their knowledge and speed of recall, of times tables. We recently had two boys, Alexander Withey and Eddie Fielding, who represented the school at a Plymouth wide event, and although weren’t overall winners put in a sterling performance. Within school our own Rockstars and Rock Gods had their final celebration of the year – a pool party. Well deserved to all those who met the criteria and were selected to attend the party. Who knows next time it could be you?


Achievements & Awards


We celebrated achievements and successes across the school, from Foundation to Year 6, and for academic and non-academic achievements. Unfortunately we are unable to award all pupils with a trophy and every year the task seems to get harder and harder – especially with so much talent about.

Unbeknown to us there had been a computer glitch when awarding 100% attendance certificates and vouchers. The system had taken into account attending an approved sporting event as an absence, which it shouldn’t have done. Therefore we also have to say a well done to the following additional pupils, who also achieved 100% from the first day of the academic year:

Charles Oliver, Teo Bugliolo, Ned Williams and Max Roberts.

Congratulations to all our award winners – as usual they were very well deserved.

Disco & FroWS


On Friday we saw the final disco of the year. Year 6 had their special VIP area, organised and decorated by their parents, and they danced the night away providing entertainment with their own ‘flash mob dance.’ Not only was this their final Wembury disco it was also the final disco that our current FroWS committee will be organising, as at the next AGM a new committee will be voted in. Kerry, Emma and Shelley have been an amazing team, introducing new fund-raising events and organising to ensure all events run smoothly. A MASSIVE thank you has to go to them, they have been absolute super stars! I know much of the organisation and information regarding events is ready to hand over, making it a smooth transition for the next committee. They are also prepared to support and guide in the background, so the new committee will have their back-up in knowledge and expertise. If you haven’t already done so, but think you would like to consider taking on a role within FroWS please contact Emma, Kerry or Shelley. FroWS contact details: CLICK HERE

As this will be my final Blog of the year, I just wanted to add what an amazing and memorable one it has been! We shall be very sad to say goodbye to our super, talented Year 6, and wish them all the very best in their new schools and new adventures, as well as families who will no longer have pupils here. We wish you all a bright and prosperous future.

Children start the new academic year on Wednesday 5th September 2018. Until then I wish all children and their families a fantastic summer full of laughter and fun!

Thank you all for your continued support.

Learning for Life