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EYFS Farm Visit

Fortunately, just before we had to close and visits ceased, Foundation stage children and some of their parents visited a local farm (Langdon Barton Farm) to see the new-born lambs and work on the farm, as part of their Science Week projects. Not only did they get to see plenty of lambs but they had a good day of weather too! Take a look at the fun they had here – Farm Visit

Scientific Balloons

Even more scientific fun continued at home and to lighten to mood we have a brilliant series of investigations on Balloons – by Dexter in Year 2. He certainly looks the part and seems to have enjoyed learning as a scientist! Thank you for allowing us to share this.

Sports & Keeping Healthy

As ever abundance of sports took place with plenty more that were planned. Below is a link to these opportunities. In an effort to continue a healthy motivation, whilst at home, why not take a look at some of these links – the children love 'Jump Start Johnny’. (Apparently, according to some children, Jo Wickes talks too much???)


Keeping Healthy - links for home learning and activities

New Website App & Online Booking

Further to my previous Blogs (and numerous reminders from school - apologies) for those who have not yet returned the APP forms, these need to be dropped into school this week so that we can set you up for texts and emails via the new system. The old system, teachers2parents, will soon cease. We will update the school website home pages but cannot guarantee that all information will be distributed this way.  Thank you.

Coronavirus Update

Whilst we continue to open our doors for ‘Edu-care’, for those pupils who have no alternative childcare options and parents’ occupation is critical to the Covid-19 response, we are finding ways to entertain ourselves, being socially distant!

We have been painting rainbows, calculating mathematical problems, reading, gardening and playing outside. We now have a new bed-time story-teller – Alice. Videos of her reading, have been uploaded HERE, so that is younger children want to join in they can.

Taking into account numbers attending and staffing available, it looks like we shall be moving to a Hub model next week. (Schools involved in this hub are – Dunstone, Oreston, Sherford and Wembury.) I shall be co-ordinating rotas etc, as Hub lead, and endeavour to get further information out tomorrow.  

We are so lucky to have such a fabulous team here at Wembury and we all appreciate all that you are doing, as parents and families, to stop the spread of this virus.  



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