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Welcome to the start of the summer term - I hope you managed to make the most of the glorious weather we had over the spring break? The sun has certainly brought an energy and vibrance across the school.


As with each start to the term we look at British Values - this time being 'tolerance of others' faiths and beliefs.' The assembly followed up what children had been looking at within class. Their responses were amazing, for children so young, with one child explaining the difference between 'tolerance' and 'tolerate!'  


With all that is going on in the world, and recently in London, a follow-on from British Values was ARGUS training, that I had to undertake. (Counter terrorism.) Although we are fortunate to be in area where this is not a regular occurence it does not mean that we are free from an opportunist. As a consequence of this, and earlier safeguarding training, the school will be carrying out a 'lockdown' procedure, in the next few weeks, where it is assumed we have an intruder on site. As we do not wish to frighten the children it would be appreciated if parents and carers could discuss with children how to keep safe and what to do if someone they don't know enters the school, without permission. Once the procedure has been carried out in school we will inform parents, in case their child wishes to discuss this further, or it has worried them. We will of course inform them that we are practising just as we do our Fire Drills.    


Sports got off to a positive start, with the Bettison's Cup football tournament. It sounds as if our A team had the same luck as England, narrowly missing out on a penalty shoot-out. Good effort by both teams. This weekend saw the Britain's Ocean City half marathon challenge. This year there were a record number of school entrants, with Wembury contributing a significant few.  All children had to build up their miles (12) beforehand, though not in one go, and then put this practice and stamina to the test on the day and run. An amazing effort by all competing children and staff, especially Kai (Year 6) who came in 3rd overall! What a feat! Take a look at our school tweet to find out more and view photos.


Carrying on with the sports theme there is an opportunity for parents of some FREE training or maintenance workshops:

FREE Adult Cycle Training in Plymouth

Plymouth SSP are pleased to be able to offer free adult cycle training sessions for anyone who lives, works or studies in Plymouth delivered in partnership with Plymouth City Council and its Plymotion programme funded through the DfT's Access Fund.

The six hour sessions (delivered in two hour group session slots at various times and locations across the city or on a one to one basis as part of the Commutor Tutor program) will be released shortly so please keep an eye on our website for news releases and dates.

In the meantime if you would like to sign for one of these sessions please contact us via email

Additionally Bikespace are offering free Basic Maintenance Courses and Open Access Workshop Sessions for further information visit


As you are aware, from correspondance earlier this year, the governors and staff of Wembury Primary are considering its future status. We had some good news last week in that the Regional Schools Commissioning Office has agreed, in principle, for Wembury Primary to consider becoming an academy, should it wish to do so. This however, does not mean a single academy, as these are no longer approved, but it does mean we are able to join, form or co-create a multi-academy trust, if that is the direction we wish to take. As a consequence you will be receiving a communication from the governors this week as we move into a period of consultation. It is important that all stakeholders are aware of, and are able to have a platform, to voice their views to enable governors make the right decision for Wembury Primary, its pupils and community. We are currently still exploring options but please have no doubt that whatever is our path we will not lose Wembury's uniqueness and individuality. We are currently in a position of strength, unlike some schools, with our standards, recent Ofsted and financial status. Therefore we are in a position of choice rather than the choice being made for us. Your views are important so please consider the contents of the forth coming communication. 



Don't forget Bag2School collection is Monday 24th April. Help FroWS to help us raise even more funds for the school. 

An excellent annual Duck Race took place over the spring break. A fantastic morning was had by all. The sausages were sizzling, the teas and coffees were flowing and the ducks were speeding down the river. I wonder how many are still out there swimming?! An amazing £530.11 was raised and will go straight back to Wembury Primary School.

The Duck Race results were:
- 1st: Liza Peffers (302)
- 2nd: Sarah Marshall (173)
- 3rd: Brian Davey (152)
- Best Dressed Duck: Issac Bye 

A MASSIVE thank you to FroWS for their continued hard work, efforts and fund raising. What an amazing team!


We are entering the dreaded territory of SATs (Year 2 & Year 6) over the next few weeks. We try  to ensure children do not become overly worried or stressed as it is only one way to demonstrate what children know and how to apply their learning and what teachers need to teach! Teacher assessments are far more effective, informative and valuable as these take evidence from a range of work, conversations, observations and the occasional test. They ensure we know the children well; their strengths, interests, talents and areas for development. We aim to make the SATs the least onerous as possible, with most afternoons dedicated to 'fun' activities, and where possible outdoors. All we expect is that children have a go and try their very best and if they need an adult to read a question to them, for clarity of understanding, they ask. Year 6 will be offered a FREE breakfast each morning of a test day. Please look out for the letter this week, to make your child's breakfast choice. 

I don't think I have ever known so many changes in education as in the past few years and who knows what may be in store if there is a further change in government? Going it alone no longer seems an option so it is imperative we collaborate with like minded schools to support each other and provide the best for our pupils.


On a happier note I am pleased to inform you that Mrs Pip Edwards (Year 1 teacher) is pregnant with her first child. She will remain with Year 1 until the end of the academic year, taking maternity leave in September. Once we have appointed maternity cover we will then be able to inform parents of who will be specific year group teachers next year. 


No doubt the term will fill up with additional events, so to keep up to date remember to check out our tweets or website for the latest news and calendar, as well as your child's class pages. 







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