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Year 6 have now returned after their exciting and successful, adventurous residential, at Beam House North Devon. Take a look at their week their week in the link below. Next it’s the turn of our Year 4s to Pixie’s Holt, on Dartmoor. For many this will be their first experience away from home, for more than one evening away from parents. Whilst this causes a buzz of excitement for many, it can be a worry for others, although that tends to be the parents as the children are kept so busy! We will try and send some updates, although I don’t believe the signal there is particularly reliable.


Beam House Week


Camp Out Weekend


The weather held off for the Big Camp Out, last weekend. There were plenty of activities organised, including the use of the pool which was a real bonus.  Although not as many entries as in previous years, for the ‘best decorated tent’ there were some fantastic efforts. First place went to Freddie for his sea creature, infested tent! It wasn’t really infested but there were many different sea creatures taking up residency, including merman Freddie! Second place went to Caitlin for her climate themed tent, and matching-shirt, to save Orcas and the threat of extinction for some sea creatures. Third place went to Devon with another mermaid inspired theme; I loved the creative use of fabrics to represent the sea. This entry also had its own mermaid – Devon. Many thanks to FroWS, especially Rebecca Carter-Dillon (who organised this event). This theme of beach and sea pollution will also be the theme for our Summer Fayre – Saturday July 6th (12-4.00). Hopefully many of you will be able to join us, or even support with a little half hour of help?   

Awards and Achievement date – changes


Unfortunately we have yet again to make changes to plans for the end of term. As Years 1 & 2 can only be accommodated by the Eden project on Monday 22nd July, we need to move the date and time of our school Awards and Achievements presentations. This is a time when we celebrate achievements across the whole school, so all are welcome.  This will now take place on the final day starting at 12.30pm. (The children will have an early lunch.) The aim is to finish by 1.30pm, which is slightly later than our original finish time. It is expected that Year 6 ONLY pupils will take over the pool. (With parents and some staff in tow!) Unfortunately we will need to restrict numbers due to safety regulations and we want Year 6 to enjoy their ‘special’ session. However, parents and pupils of other pupils are welcome to join us around the pool for their send off.

VR Day


Monday saw all of KS2 enjoy a VR day (virtual reality). Their excitement was too difficult to contain! Interacting with a gorilla and even hugging it, what could be more exciting! Each class chose a theme that linked to a specific topic:


Year 5

World of Volcanoes


Outer Space

Year 6

Rainforest Rambler


The Circulatory System

Year 4

Rainforest Rambler


The Digestive System

Year 3

World of Volcanoes


Majestic Mountains



I am sure that your child has come home and for once they have actually admitted to doing something in school!? Of course this day would not have been possible were it not for substantial support from FroWS, who have been exceptionally generous in supporting events and trips for all year groups. (FroWS supported the EYFS visit to Pennywell and will be supporting the Year 1 & 2 visit to the Eden Project. Their efforts and support are invaluable to the school, and funds raised ultimately support all pupils in our school. Therefore it is vital that we also support them, helping in any little way we can.

THANK YOU FroWS for the AMAZING work you do, especially all that goes on behind the scenes.

Annual Reports


Annual reports for Years 1-5 will be distributed this Friday 28th June. Unfortunately due to GDPR we are requesting that these be collected from your child’s class, from 3.00pm, where the teacher will hand them over. (If you have more than one child, and in differing year groups, not EYFS & Year 6, we will endeavour to ensure all reports can be collected from your oldest child’s class teacher. We are obviously acutely aware that for some their child will be attending Activity Club. In this case reports will be handed to the staff on duty, from whom you will be able to collect your child’s report. Should you or a responsible adult, known to the school, be unable to collect the annual report, please contact the office where we will arrange an alternative collection.

For pupils in EYFS and Year 6 these reports/profiles are due to be distributed on Friday 12th July, where collection from their own class will be required. We apologise for any inconvenience caused – it’s a world gone mad – it’s not that we don’t trust the children but considering the confidential nature of their reports, and the GDPR guidelines, we appreciate your patience and support.  

Church Festival


This year the church festival also partly falls at the same time as our Summer Fayre. The festival is open from 10.00am Wednesday 3rd July and continues into the weekend of the Fayre. The school is contributing with a display of some Plankton work. Unfortunately the major, Plankton exhibition work is still in France, but this gives a flavour of their work.

More information on Festival

Staff Do Crazy Things Too!


Don’t forget Mrs Toni Nicholson (Office) will braving new heights and WING WALKING for charity on July 10th! This event is yet to happen, but as you know it’s all in a very good name – for Hugs from Henry. If you would like to find out more or even support or sponsor Toni please click on the link below.

Learning for Life