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We enter the final few weeks of term, in what has been a very successful year. We have also been blessed with the wonderful weather enabling all our planned summer events to take place without a hiccup. I am sure this will continue to ensure we have a very successful Summer Fayre this Saturday.


Annual Reports


All pupils and parents should now be in receipt of their annual school report. Hopefully you have enjoyed sharing these and with other family members? Please remember to complete the parent and pupil commentary and return these slips back to school ASAP, as formal acknowledgement of receipt. Thank you.

Boys’ Football Tournament


Like the girls last week, the boys are at this moment in time, in the midst of the Boys’ Football Tournament – again hosted by Wembury. I am sure the matches will as ever be exciting, with nail biting finishes. (Hopefully if it goes to penalties we do as well as Russia?)

Residential and Activity Weeks


These are all now complete, with Year 4 and Year 5 completing their weeks in the glorious sunshine of last week. It sounds as if they had an amazing time, and slept well (after the first night!). Thankfully Year 5 did not come across the orca swimming in the Sound. It was lovely to hear that ex-pupils are now instructors, and had fond memories of the school. Perhaps it was one of these weeks that inspired them to fulfil this role and who knows, perhaps we have inspired future instructors?

InVentry & Safeguarding


As you are aware, from my last Blog, and for those Parents who have already signed in recently, we have a new signing in system – inVentry. This is an electronic system, which is quick, and is situated just inside the Reception area. For all visitors and parents that are on school site during school hours, you must sign in via this system, no matter how long you are on site for. This includes signing in pupils that arrive late - either because of appointments or general lateness. A responsible adult MUST come to the Main Reception and sign in their child. Pupils must not go directly to their class, as registers may have already been submitted.

It is imperative that we maintain an accurate register of who is on site, should there be an emergency of any sort. Thank you.

Mufti and the Summer Fayre


Don’t forget it’s Mufti, this Friday 6th July. Foundation & KS1 please donate a cake/s and KS2 bring a bottle. These need to be handed in to the office or via their class. (Any glass bottles need to be handed in via office – thank you.)

Remember to sign up to help out at the Summer Fayre – there are lots of exciting events and stalls still requiring help, the more people doing a small shift the smoother and quicker it will go. The theme this year is the Farmyard (have you seen the scarecrows at the top of Knighton Road?). Don’t forget to return your raffle stubs - you could be the lucky winner?

Maths Challenge Day


Tomorrow, Wembury is hosting and running a Maths Challenge Day, for groups of pupils across WeST, including some Plymouth schools. As part of his new role of ‘Maths Mastery Specialist Teacher’, Mr Chantler has organised a day of mathematical fun!



Governors at Wembury continue to be very busy carrying out their roles. As you know, they are expected to know the school well; its strengths and areas for development, as well as ‘challenge’ through questioning. Over the past few weeks they have carried out their monitoring roles, in a subject specific or an area specific focus. These have included Design & Technology, EYFS, English, Maths, and Pupil Premium funding usage, Safeguarding, Music and Languages (French). They have also discussed, and been heavily involved in, the swimming pool changing room project and are considering, along with myself and other staff, further future building developments. You will of course get your Governor’s Newsletter later this term, keeping you updated on their role and work, for the good of our pupils, the school and the community.

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