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I hope you all had a good half term?

We continue as we started the year – on very positive note and that includes a visit from Ofsted! We have been waiting for the call for the past two years, as it was five years since our last inspection, in November 2011. As you know we had our long awaited visit in the week before half term. We are now awaiting the report and are therefore unable to comment on this until the report is officially released. I will ensure you are notified and sent a copy, via email, on its arrival.


Continuing on positivity, sport, as you know, plays an important part of our school vision and provision. For the past four years we have gained GOLD in the Sainsbury’s Schools Sports Kitemark and we are aiming for a fifth in a row, which will see us achieve a PLATINUM. However, in order to achieve this gold, the school has to be selected to represent the area, Plymouth schools or at county level, in at least one event. Our teams had to have performed well, within the first three places, locally at any sporting event, and I am delighted, as well as very proud, to say we have already been selected for two! Basketball and Go-Ride (cross-country cycling), both within the next few weeks. So hopefully this summer we will be celebrating with a platinum!


We have also had a number of successes with our football teams, cross country runners and netball. Next month we are entering the Devonport Royal Junior Team Challenge Swimming event, for a maximum of two teams swimming a 4 x 25m relay, which will take place at the Life Centre. We are hoping to be in receipt of our 'designer' sports' tops, designed by pupils. These will be used for cross country and athletic type events. They have been funded by various means and sponsorship, which will be announced on arrival. We are also due a new kit (tops and shorts), possibly this week, to use for football, netball and rugby, kindly funded by FroWS, who have been doing an amazing job of fund raising. A very busy sporting calendar, I’m exhausted just writing about it!


As you are aware we have plans to remodel the KS1/Foundation end of the school, using specific funding generated from recent developments. NPS (Devon project developers) have visited the site and are in the process of drawing up plans, ready for tender, in the hope to start over the summer break. NPS have also gone away with ideas, and a plan for the renewal of the swimming pool changing rooms. The work on these is planned to start around Easter and may overlap into the following few weeks. FroWs have already raised a substantial amount of funding and we are hoping to attract some additional funding, on top of the school’s capital pot. (Money that can only be used on new build or remodelling.)


It is essential that additional teaching and learning spaces are provided, both indoors and outdoors, for KS1/Foundation, due to the increase in pupil numbers. We would also like to enable the classes taught in external huts to be within the main building, not only for their education but for safeguarding purposes as well. Hopefully all of this will be manageable within the budget and requests to the local authority.


We continue our conversations with other local schools, regarding the formation of a new MAT, or more formalised collaboration but to date I have no further news other than governors have agreed to have the school’s name forwarded with some other schools, as considering this formation to the Head Teacher’s Board (HTB) as part of the process with the Regional School’s Commissioning office (RSC). This is on the proviso that we can withdraw at any stage, prior to final signing, should we not feel this is the right path for Wembury. In the near future there will be formal consultations with all stakeholders but in the meantime we continue to explore all possibilities.


On Monday we have a 'Focus Day' for governors. They will be visiting the school, throughout the day, looking at the engagement of boys v girls, and how staff cater for their needs, develop positive attitudes and use the environment and questioning to promote equality of provision. Governors will be reporting their findings to parents in the near future.


Some up and coming dates:

  • World Book Day - children to come as their favourite book character.
  • Cross country @ Oreston 3rd March 4pm
  • Cross country @ Dunstone 10th March 4pm
  • Science Week - w/c 13th March
  • 14th and 16th March, we have this term's Parent Consultations. (Booking will again be online and is due to go live soon.)
  • School disco 17th March - please let FroWs know if you are able to help out. 
  • Please note  Battle of the Bands has been postponed. (Original date Saturday 18th March.)


We were very pleased to welcome back Mrs Kerry Dunn last week, and are hoping that Mrs Lyn Chamberlain will return later this week. 


Thank you for your continued support.


Susie Evans





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