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We continue to adapt and evolve in these changing times. The novelty is wearing off and everything seems a little more challenging. As time progresses, with the uncertainty of when schools may re-open, or partially re-open, we are considering further ways to communicate with and support home learning. The most important home learning at the moment is maintaining and retaining key skills, in reading, writing and maths. For new learning it is suggested that children undertake a project of their choice, rather than try to cover what may have been done or what will need to be done, once schools re-open. This also supports our desire to ensure that there is an equality of the learning provided. We very much appreciate there will be differences in what, how and the amount of learning you are able to provide and support at home. Again I would like to reiterate that we appreciate immensely whatever you are able to achieve.  Later, in the Blog, are some further ideas and links to possible activities for home learning.


I need to keep you updated of the Edu-care that we are able to provide for critical workers. Over the past few weeks the Plym Hub has been situated at Dunstone. In light of numbers and the changing demographics, of attendees, this Hub will relocate as of Thursday 30th April. (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week it will remain at Dunstone.) The Dunstone, Plym Hub has included pupils from both primary and secondary schools. On Thursday 30th the Edu-care provision will be based at Sherford. (This will comprise of primary pupils only, from Dunstone, Wembury and Sherford.) A letter will be going out today, please check your emails. (This is the link to documentation online.)

We apologise for having to make these changes, but are trying to keep things as simple as possible when booking. Unfortunately as time goes on we will need to adjust and adapt as necessary. It is challenging for all.   

PE survey

We would like to carry out a very simple PE survey with children. Obviously KS2 children may be able to access by themselves but we would be grateful if you could support your child and share this survey with them. It is about current school provision, activities on offer and activities children would like the school to consider. There are only nine questions to answer – thank you.

PE - Pupil Questionnaire 

Staff Challenge

To maintain well-being and creativity, teaching staff were set an artistic challenge. I sent a different painting to each member of staff which they had to recreate and photograph. The results, I’m sure you will agree, are pretty amazing!? But can you guess who they all are or even find out the artist?

It’s now the turn of children and their families. Can you find a painting that you can recreate and send back to us by 11th May? It does not have to be a portrait, you could recreate a still life or a scene, or even a family group. The only stipulation is it has to be photographed. Please send to the address and let us know if you are happy to share more publicly. Knowing how creative you all are I imagine there will some amazing results!

Home Learning

There continue to be a plethora of home learning activities sent through – these are just a few you may wish to visit and investigate:

Twinkl - Home learning. (I think they are very hopeful if they believe this length of timetable will work in many homes.)

Twinkl Home Learning Hub


Met Office - For KS2 children why not check out the activities from the Met Office? Some are lesson plans but there are also some DIY ones too.

Resources for 7-11 year olds


BBC Bitesize

Please be aware that some topics appear to be in the wrong year group

New Daily Lessons 


David Walliams

Free audio books and activities


Below are a small selection of shared photos of Home Learning activities - wow, some amazing chefs and bakers!


Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

My Outdoors’ art competition and Writing competition are taking place again for primary aged children. They need to say why they think it’s important to protect the countryside. Check out the links below for more detail.

Because of the current situation, this year entries will be accepted by email to avoid unnecessary trips to the post office. Simply email to (Do not send to the school.)


Overview of competitions and website


Writing Competition


Art & Writing Competition with some examples from 2019


Learning for Life