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Keeping on top of the Changing Curriculum


English schools are constantly trying to broaden and enrich their curriculums whilst achieving and/or maintaining high academic outcomes, especially more recently in light of the coming changes to Ofsted. At Wembury I am proud to say that we seem to have this balance already – as a head I will not see music, sports or the creative subjects narrowed, to focus on Maths and English. As you know from the end of key stage results and your children, we offer an exciting and varied curriculum, and recognise our pupils talents and skills, and nurture these. (Something also recognised by Ofsted and WeST.) However, we are always looking of ways to develop and improve and last week saw the majority of teachers have the opportunity to observe the teaching of Shanghai Maths for mastery, which only a few had had opportunity to do so in previous years.


Whilst we have been on our Maths mastery route for the past four years, this method of teaching is not new to us and we also recognise that we are not trying to emulate it – it is impossible to recreate this, especially the cultural context that has been developed in Shanghai over the past fifteen years. Mastery is not a scheme or one way, it is a style of teaching/technique, therefore as educators we take, adapt and apply what we feel will benefit our own context, pupils, teaching and curriculum. Our end of year results, the confidence in pupils’ mathematical discussion, and reasoning, are a testament to the continued mathematical development we have at Wembury. It is hoped that we hold another Maths evening, as in previous years, to enlighten parents as to current mathematical practice. As I am sure you are aware, how you were taught is very different to current teaching methods. Once the date is set we will notify you.


As a school we are very lucky, and proud, to have amazing and committed staff at Wembury, who together have a wealth of educational experience. We welcome supporting parents with their child’s learning at home; extensive research and experience demonstrates that when parents and the school are working together, and provide a joined up approach for children, this results in happier children who are learning better.  If for any reason you have any concerns regarding your child, please come and talk with us in how we can work together to ensure your child is the best learner they can be. As individuals they will have their own challenges and we are happy to work with you to provide the skills your child needs to meet these challenges.

Ocean Drifters


Thank you to those parents, pupils and members of the community who joined us on January 24th with Richard Kirby, presenting his movie on plankton (Ocean Drifters) and discussing the making of the movie. After some technical issues, we watched the short movie and were provided with a very informative talk by Richard. The impact Plankton have on our world was, and is, fascinating, that is why it is so important to educate our pupils, get them interested and excited about the world about them, as they will be the generation who will make new discoveries, inventions and make the necessary changes for a sustainable world. Tonight, some of our French (Art & Science) Club pupils will be delivering a presentation to the Parish Council, during their meeting at the Wembury War Memorial Hall, with the support of Ms Patricia Kernevez.


We not only have scientists working alongside pupils, but we have been lucky to have been loaned powerful microscopes to observe the plankton courtesy of Coombe Dean and a local community member, for which we are extremely grateful.  This along with the possibility of also having access to using a laser cutter, also enables pupils to access resources not normally available in a primary budget or setting. As you can imagine we are very excited about the opportunities this project could and will provide.


To further their artwork, for this project, please could you send in any empty, clean, plastic drinks’ bottles? They can be any colour or size but need to be the softer plastic in order to cut and manipulate. Please send in your ‘empties’ to the office where they will get passed on to myself or Miss Kernevez. Thank you.

Cross Country @ Wembury


What a start to the cross country season! There is nothing better than winning on your home ground and that’s exactly what our pupils did – a massive well done to all, but especially to Azad, Henry and Ella, gaining personal triumphs. Take a look at the full article and photos here – Cross Country link.

BSO BASH – Orchestra Visit


At the very last minute (Friday) we were able to offer and confirm a visit from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - where they will be introducing an interactive performance of and with pupils and percussion. We are very excited to be able to host this and the Village Hall have very kindly allowed the use of the hall for the afternoon Bash! Whilst it is suitable for all pupils we are aware, that due to other booked commitments, some of the oldest pupils will be unable to join us on this occasion. Let’s see where the music takes us?!



As you will know from my last Blog we now have a new uniform provider. The link can be found here:

Or you can access through a quick link via our website in the ‘Parents’ tab, on the home page. (Orders will be sent directly home at a small charge, unless you state collection from the school.)


Whilst we appreciate this is only just up and running, it appears that a number of children are turning up to school, and for PE, in inappropriate clothing and/or no kit. Please note that the new provider offers the purchase of our white PE kit (shorts and top) and that it is only when PE takes place outside, with inclement weather, that the wearing of track suits, leggings etc is permitted. (ALL indoor PE requires the correct white kit.) We have found an increasing number of excuses encroaching the lack of the correct kit, the main one being mum hadn’t washed it! However it is the child’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct kit and resources in school for the duration of the week/term. (It is interesting when it comes to swimming this is remembered on a daily basis – the same should be expected of their PE kit.)


Please could older pupils refrain from wearing multi-coloured hoodies, sweatshirts with logos on etc and wear school sweatshirts and ensure they have the correct footwear. Pupils in Year 6 will soon have the option of ordering their leavers’ hoodies, but until then there is an expectation that school sweatshirts and uniform are worn. Thank you for your support.    

Morning Routine


Just to remind you that as Breakfast Club is now in the school hall; the attending pupils will be collected from the hall at 8.30am, by the teacher on duty, and then make their way to the KS2 playground, unless EYFS, once pupils have gathered all their belongings! They will arrive in the playground at approx. 8.35am, the time when other pupils can start to join us on the school site. All pupils should be on site by 8.45am ready for an 8.50am start to learning in class.     




There appears to be an increasing number of ‘requests for absence’ many arriving at very short notice or late. Whilst short notice is accepted for medical appointments, we will also be requesting appointment cards and/or letters to back up these requests. On monitoring attendance last week with our EWO (Educational Welfare Officer) it was also noted that a number of pupils are arriving late and they are not being signed in by a responsible adult. Whilst it is appreciated parents may be running late, even if your child is two minutes late they must be signed in. Please do not send a child in alone, who has no idea why they are late, which causes them upset to the start of the day. All late pupils must enter through the main reception and not directly to class as this will not only ensure their safety but ensure they get their meal choice and attendance mark, which is a legal responsibility. Your help and support with timeliness will be greatly appreciated.   

Learning for Life