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Where did the last half term go!?

As at the start of each year we welcome prospective new parents, for September 2018, however with a continued increase in demand for places we are struggling to accommodate current needs within our limited ‘temporary’ space. As you may remember we currently have a waiting list for a number of specific year groups, meaning some prospective pupils within catchment are unable to attend their local school!

There is further demand on the Pre-school for places, as well as requests for extended provision. As a school; staff, governors and the local authority are considering our future needs; how provision can be best met to meet the growing needs of the community, now and in the near future. It is very apparent that for working parents, there is a greater need of extended services, that either the school or Pre-school currently provide. The school intends to carry out a survey, to a wider audience, to determine need. This provision extension has been a vision and an agenda item of mine since being appointed in 2007! However I now believe the school is in a strong position to collaborate, with the Pre-school, local authority and, now officially being a partner school within WeST (West Country Schools Trust). Collaboration is key to creating and forming the very best provision and education for our community.

There remains an issue of capacity as well as sufficiency. Despite our PAN, pupil admission number, being 210, I cannot see that the current main school building, nor the two external huts, all of which are temporary, are suitably fit for purpose. Although I have commissioned NPS (local authority approved building surveyors and designers) to draw up plans, I still await costing and documentation, to enable me to apply for additional funding as an academy. Unfortunately the local authority would provide no further funding support. This was disappointing especially as a number of Plymouth schools have recently been provided funding to expand; Elburton, Pomphlett, Yealmpstone Farm, Oreston and Sparkwell. On top of this we have Sherford school about to open its doors, and whilst it will be a partner school within WeST, I do not wish to see a thriving and successful school, such as Wembury, lose out to other local developments. Therefore it is essential we are successful in providing additional and extended, sought-after provision, with appropriate funding and resources, to ensure that provision for our 3-11 year olds ensures sustainability. Any thoughts, suggestions or support on this would be very welcome.


A reminder that it is the parent’s duty to inform the school of their child’s absence, on the first day of absence, and subsequent days. The school will carry out a ‘first day contact’ procedure in order to ascertain the child is safe. Unfortunately there was a case in London, during the summer term, where the school had carried out this first day contact but had not followed up when the calls went unanswered. This resulted in a death. In order to ensure this situation could not occur we will use the emergency contact list in the event of no answer. Where possible staff may undertake home visits where no contact has been made. Should a safeguarding concern arise then this may need to involve the Police. It is therefore essential that all pupils’ contact details are up to date and that more than one contact is provided. Should you need to update any personal details please do so at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Parent Consultations

A letter will be coming home this week with details of parent consultations for week commencing 13th November 2017. Please note that different year groups will organise the dates and times according to staff availability. Booking will be via ParentPay; we will send out a text out to inform you when it is set up to book. This consultation meeting is to inform you how your child has settled into their new class and expectations, and more general information. Formal target setting will form part of the Spring term consultations. Where possible it would be beneficial for each child’s parents to attend.


It is that time of year when we remember lost/injured service personnel and their families. We now have poppies and additional items for sale in school from 31st October. These will be sold daily, in the foyer (Office Reception), by older pupils; first thing in the morning, break-time and lunchtime. Please note that each item has a specific cost (see image below), therefore please ensure your child has the correct money for the merchandise they wish to purchase. (Once an item is sold out we are unable to access any further merchandise.)

As you may remember from July, we continue to be proud of our academic achievements, especially in light of raised expectations and continued uncertainty around assessments. Below is a reminder of how well we have done in comparison to Devon and National preliminary figures, July 2017.



KS2 (Teacher Assessment)

KS1 (Teacher Assessment)

Y1 Phonics



Sch 73% (Grammar)

Nat 76%

Dev 76%

73% (Writing)





Sch 87%

Nat 71%

Dev 75%






Sch 73%

Nat 75%

Dev 74%






KS2 Reading, Grammar, Maths combined 63% Sch 61% Nat

3% = 1 x pupil

As with everything, there is always room for development! Our School Development Plan, clearly identifies actions and targets linked to writing. Please look on our website to find out more about this and the school in general –

This first half term has seen a plethora of activities!

There have been a range and variety of sporting events; in Go-ride, cross country on bikes, we have successfully gained a place to represent Plymouth in the Devon School Games – a fantastic feat. KS2 took part in Cross Country (running this time!) at Coombe Dean, with some super individual and team results and again we have gained a place to represent Plymouth schools. (More of this to come over the next four months.) In football we have been asked to represent Plymouth schools in another county-wide event, having performed so well in recent matches and competitions. This is three, level 3 events achieved in half a term! Six Year 6 pupils, were selected to take part in the Bronze Ambassadors Leadership Award. These Ambassadors were trained in Leadership and fair, safe play and they will be organising, and running, intra-school events and blogging on a national sports website – Sainsbury’s School Games. You may remember news of our fifth, successful, Sainsbury’s School Games GOLD Award, last July? As a consequence of this, we were notified that we were one of 120 schools nationally (both secondary and primary) to be eligible to apply for PLATINUM. We have just provided our case study and hope that we are one of the first schools to gain this locally and nationally. (Other schools eligible in Plymouth are: Sir John Hunt, Elburton and Pomphlett.)

We have also ensured that all pupils in Years 3 – 6 have had Bikeability training, level 1 & 2, to ensure they are able to ride and stay safe on our roads. Year 1 have had the opportunity of Balanceability; the beginnings of learning to ride a bike and balance!

With the national PE funding given to schools we have ensured that our pupils maintain healthy life styles, through a broad range of exciting sporting opportunities as well as providing staff with expertise and support, to develop their own skills and confidence.

Whilst a school is judged on its academics it is just as important to enable pupils to experience and excel in sports and the arts and we are very proud that Ofsted recognised the broad and rich curriculum we provide.

We will keep you updated on any developments, however over the next couple of months, we are going to busy in the build up to Christmas.

Please contact the school if you wish to discuss anything further or offer suggestions or help, our door is always open!

Susie Evans


Learning for Life