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This seems to have been a week of meeting after meeting! Primarily on the MAT front, exploring possibilities, governance, leadership, operational and financial implications. As you are aware we are only exploring this option and the more meetings there are the more questions we have. We need to be sure that this is the right decision for Wembury Primary and its community, for the long term, although what that will be, given the number of changes within education and government, who knows? What you can be assured of we will have explored every question and option. 


Last week saw more sporting prowess; with a win in Football against Leigham, (2-1) a great come back and win! Some fantastic performances in the indoor rowing (Harvey, in Y6, gained 2nd place overall, individually, out of all the boys present). A fabulous feat, one I'm sure he is very proud of as we are as a school. Keep up the great team spirit - well done all competitors.

Don't forget Cross Country @ Goosewell this Friday @ 4pm.

All children from Y2-Y6 had the opportunity trial Jujutsu. Should your child have shown a real interest in this then why not bring them along for a trial at the Jujutsu club, here at Wembury Primary, on a Tuesday evening from 6.00-7.30pm?


A reminder that we are collecting the Sainsbury's school vouchers. Should you have neighbours or grandparents that also shop at Sainsbury's please ask them to donate to Wembury Primary. Thank you.


You may have heard more school bells ringing at certain times throughout the day? Hidden away was a timing system that has now been reset. By the time the first bell of the morning goes @ 8.50am, children should be in class and ready to start learning. If your child arrives after this they need to enter school via the school office, with an adult, where they will be signed in late. The bell also helps staff to be mindful of break times!


This Friday 3rd, Kara Ord (Parent), is holding a cake and refreshment event, in aid of World Cancer Day, in the school hall. Please join us from 2.45pm; children may be collected from class @ 3.10pm. We look  forward to seeing you there.


As ever the children are covering much learning, in various ways. Please remember to take a look at their year group, class pages, to see what they have been up to and what they are about to learn.  Unfortunately the weather forecast is not looking good for the week so most will learning will probably have to take place indoors; we'll make up for this in better weather. Hopefully the MUGA installation, which has started this week, will provide the opportunity of less muddy shoes and clothes!!











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