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Welcome to the summer term and the hope of good weather for all the exciting things to come this term.


All Change

As you know we said our goodbyes to the wonderful Ms Boucherat, Mrs Guthrie and Mrs Wright, at the end of last term and welcomed Mr Calvert. Miss Lauren Hiscocks, who has been working for two days a week in Foundation Stage, has increased her hours to three days and Mrs Rowena Brooking is currently working a full week in Year 1.  


Unfortunately over the course of this term we shall be saying further goodbyes. Firstly to Mrs Emma MacFarlaine, Activities Club Leader and Mealtime Assistant, who will be leaving us this week and starting a new career. Later this term, Mrs Lindsey Dawson will be relocating to the Midlands, to spend more time with her grandchildren and at the end of the summer term we will be saying goodbye to Mrs Sue Bull, who has made the decision to retire from work and go travelling. We thank them all for the many years, time and support they have given to the school and the numerous children in their care.

Marvellous Mathematics


As reported in one of my previous Blogs, Wembury’s teaching of mastery mathematics is leading the way looking to support colleagues across WeST and Plymouth. Further to this we have also learned that we are to be a host school for mastery as part of the Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub.


Mr Chantler has also been successful in his application in gaining a maths mastery specialist teacher post. Massive congratulations to our Maths Team; Mrs Susie Jackson - Maths Lead, Mr Greg Chantler and Ms Patricia Kernevez.     

Ready, Steady Read


You may have noticed the regular presence of Mrs Nicola Ridge, over the past eight weeks? Wembury was successful in gaining the support, and funding, to run the Rotary’s ‘Ready, Steady Read' programme. Mrs Ridge was employed as a consultant to run the reading programme, with four Year 2s. Mrs Ridge and myself had the pleasure of presenting the success of this programme to the Rotary. All the pupils who attended greatly improved their reading. Not only in the stage/level of texts that they were reading but also in developing their enjoyment of reading. On top of this improvements were made in the use of language and in some cases spelling! Rotary were so impressed with our enthusiasm and presentation that we have been successful in gaining some funding for a future programme to start early in the autumn term, with a new group of pupils. Our thanks go to Rotary and of course to Mrs Ridge who lead this project but most of all to the pupils who embraced new books and developed a love of reading!

EWO & Attendance


As you may be aware the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) visits the school termly as well as being sent half termly reports on attendance. Where necessary concerns are raised and discussed. It is essential that your child attends school regularly and in a timely manner. Registers are now taken electronically, therefore we ask that children arrive on time. Children are brought in from the playground at 8.45am to start learning at 8.50am. Arriving after the start of a session causes issues for both the teaching and for the child. Whilst we accept there are unavoidable occasions for lateness, it is still necessary for the adult to sign their child in via the Main Reception and not go directly to class.


It is also necessary to complete a Request for Absence Form, in advance, prior to any absence, unless the absence is due to illness. In the case of the latter, we ask that you inform the office by 10.00am on the first day of absence, (you may be required to provide additional medical evidence) this does not automatically authorise the absence. Each request is considered on an individual basis, taking into account, initially, the child’s current attendance (which must be at least 96%), academic needs, personal or family needs, and dates of request. Only requests that are considered unavoidable and/or exceptional will be considered. Please ensure that you have read the guidance on the law prior to submitting a request, as an unauthorised request may make you liable to a Penalty Notice, for each child. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.



Duck Race


A fabulous swim by the ducks on Sunday 15th April, in the annual Duck Race. Over £300 was raised! I am sure we shall see some of the ducks that wandered off appear later in the year! A massive thank you to FroWS for their organisation of this, I know the feedback from the National Trust was very positive, both in its organisation and clear up.




Hopefully you remembered to drop of your bag this morning? They were collected early. This is an easy win win situation, with little organisation, and you raised around £80 for this. Again there was great parental support - thank you.


Camp Out


If you haven’t booked your pitch yet for the Camp Out on Saturday June 16th, do so as spaces are going quickly. This is an amazing family event, and this year promises to include even more activities! Contact FroWS to find out how you could join in the fun too!


Summer Fayre


This is FroWS biggest money earner of the year and this year the Fayre takes place on Saturday 7th July. The theme for this year is the Farmyard, yi ha! We are always looking for support even if it is only for half an hour, so again please contact FroWS and see how you could support them to support the school in raising invaluable additional funds for our pupils.

May Eve


Did you know that tonight, 30th May, is the best night to see fairies! We have been reliably informed that this is an English, Irish and Scottish tradition and this May eve falls in line with a full moon. If you are out and about tonight who knows what you might see and where?!

Class Photos + Uniform


A reminder that this Wednesday 2nd is Class photos, please ensure your child is wearing the correct school uniform, including socks. (These should be plain white, grey or black.) Girls have the option to wear gingham dresses in any of the colours of the school jumpers – red, purple, green, blue or yellow. We now also have limited stock, in school, of purple, royal blue and red cardigans, with the school logo, at a cost of £10.50. These will be added to the uniform page soon. Unfortunately these are currently the only colour options and they will also be available to order. 

Please check the website calendar for future events and dates, these can sometimes change so it is worth checking on a regular basis. Did you know you can link the school calendar to your own electronic calendar? If you wish to do so please follow the link via the school website calendar, this way you will always be up to date for the course of the year.

Learning for Life