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You'd think things would be winding down towards the end of term - but not at Wembury! It's still all systems go.


Year 5 were off on daily visits to Mountbatten Watersports Centre, taking part in activities both on and off the water. The week was about building upon the adventurous activities from Pixie's Holt, in Year 4, and further developing team work and outdoor activities, as well as being challenged by new activities. Take a look at pictures from the week here. Challenge is definitely the word for Year 6, Barton Hall residential. From the highs of the zip wire and high swing to the lows of mud and water. The children were challenged every way possible - in what they ate, in sleeping in a different environment, the weather, with activities and looking after personal kit! And they certainly rose to that challenge! (Take a look at their exciting week here.) I was very impressed with them all - this is the first, ever, year group I have taken on a residential, and not been woken up during the night with home sickness. (The problem was, I was expecting it and so I didn't sleep!!)  They were amazing in all ways, taking on board some very demanding activities, in terms of fears and faith in equipment and instructors. This week it is the turn of our Year 4's, gong to Pixie's Holt - I am sure they will have as much fun as Years 5 & 6. (Perhaps more sleepless nights?!)


The summer fayre was yet another roaring success - with nearly £3000 raised! What a phenomenal amount. The weather was on our side, and the crowds. Of course the bouncy castle arena was popular with the children, along with the drinks and food tents for the adults. It is truly a village affair, with all the community sharing together, despite it being a school run event. FroWS have been amazing in its organisation and a well deserved end result. Thank you to everyone for their support and kindness. 


This week sees those pupils in Year 6, who are attending Coombe Dean or Plymstock, take part in their induction day, as part of their transition into secondary school. This day is an opportunity to meet pupils from other schools, make new friends, and to get to know some of their new teachers, school and expectations. It is often a day of nervous energy but full of excitement.   


After success at the Devon School Games, Wembury snapped up the opportunity for free sessions, in school, for volleyball, which are taking place today for Year 6  and tomorrow for Year 5. (Yet another new sport for our pupils.) This week will also see a swimming gala for KS2. Last week it was the turn of EYFSYear 1 and Year 2 with a big splash!


A reminder that should you have any comments or concerns regarding your child's annual report, consultation dates are available to book online. (Apologies for some of the changes, which are beyond our control, due to illness, availability and newly confirmed events. However we do not foresee the usual number of bookings due to the amount of information in the comprehensive, annual reports.  


Hopefully the weather will hold out for the next couple of weeks, allowing maximum use of the pool and grounds. Another reminder that school finishes at 1.15pm, on the last day of term, 21st July, and as per other term ends, there will be no Activities Club/After-school provision.  (Please ensure arrangements are in place to collect your child/children at 1.15pm, as this is the first year of early closure.)


The final disco of the year takes place on Friday 14th July, 6.00-7.30pm. Should you wish to help out please contact Emma Draper (FroWS), where any additional help will be gratefully received. FroWS have been amazing in organising events, but they still need your help, no matter how little or how much. Thank you for your continued support. 

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