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Annual Reports

You will have all received your child’s, annual report and have hopefully shared this with your child and other family members. It was so lovely to read each individual’s and be reminded of all their amazing achievements and personalities, having missed most for so many weeks. Don’t forget to leave your comments and your child’s through the link provided. A follow-up meeting will be held, early in the autumn term, though we are unsure, at this stage, of the format that this will take.  

School Wider Opening

This week, we have seen a further increase in numbers returning to school, in year groups and in Educare. We now have 92% of EYFS returning, with 79% Year1 and 83% Year 6. If your child requires Educare it is essential that you book online, in advance, as on some days we have reached capacity and we may have to turn you away if you just turn up. (If you have been unable to book or it is a last minute emergency, please call the school on 862459 to confirm if space is available.) Booking remains through ParentPay, thank you. 


Unfortunately, with increased numbers and with space and staff capacity, we cannot invite other year groups in before the summer break. Therefore, we are looking at other ways we can accommodate the transition. For Year 6 this also means we cannot hold a special assembly and neither can the ‘bubbles’ mix. However, we will ensure we celebrate with them their time in primary and that they receive their Record of Achievement Books. (For those pupils not attending we will arrange a specific date and time for collection.)


The next phase – September – will take much greater planning and risk assessments. For those new pupils and families joining us in EYFS, we have not had any further guidance on how this will be implemented. Current belief is it will be left to individual schools. I will be discussing possibilities, given that these children will have missed out so much, with EYFS staff next week. We are considering a slightly longer phase in, knowing that Pre-school will be able to support and accommodate needs.  We will provide you with information as soon as we have it.    

Summer Activities

As promised, we have arranged two days per week, for the duration of the summer break, a multi-skills activity club through Argyle, at school. Through the link below you will be able to book the days you require. Due to the current situation Argyle have had to limit places to fifteen only, so it will be on a first come basis. This offer will also be opened up to pupils who attend other local primaries but we have initial booking.


Argyle Community Summer Club


APP Concern from NSPCC

Today we received this notification and wanted to make parents aware of it.

“A parent has shared a concern with us about a game called Gasha Studio (Anime dress up) – from what we can see, it’s a game where people can choose avatars and create scenarios. This parent found a concerning screenshot on her child’s phone, which depicted a small female child character – she had labelled her “abused child” and a featureless adult labelled “abuser”. They appear to be in a dungeon of some kind, and the adult is holding an unknown object. Looking at the reviews on the app store, there are comments about inappropriate poses (pole dancing), that it is “not for kids”, that you can’t turn off the chat feature, and that the content includes child abuse, suicide, bullying and murder.”

School Games Day

On a more positive note next week sees our School Games Day take place. Children will be able to take part at home, alongside those in school. Mrs Shepherd has already sent out details, all we need now is the weather to be on our side!


Learning for Life