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Open Morning for Prospective New EYFS

An Invitation to our New Parents at Wembury Primary School

If you have an EYFS child that is due to start school in September 2020, or know of a friend/family member that has, we would delighted to offer this opportunity of an invite to our new parents’ morning on Thursday 14th November at 9.30 – 11.00 a.m. 

This session is designed for parents/adults only where you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from the Governing Body, FroWS, Administrative staff, and ourselves, as well as have a tour of the school. (Please note your child will have a chance to visit the school when they have their induction days the term before they are due to start school.)


I realise for some of you that the prospect of your child starting school may seem a long way off, and why are we holding this meeting now? Unfortunately we have to comply with a strict timetable set out by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and in order to offer you the opportunity to view the school and make your decision by the specified date. Making an early, well informed decision is vital for both yourself and your child’s happiness and success.


Information regarding admission to school should have been distributed via your Local Authority (Devon County Council or Plymouth City Council). A brief summary of the key dates etc. are as follows:

  • The online application will open on 15th November 2019
  • The online closing date for applications is 15th January 2020
  • On Monday 16th April 2020 you will receive an email from the Local Authority offering a place at the allocated school.


There is a link to admissions via our website – About Us, Key Information, Admissions.

We look forward to meeting you.

Parent/Pupil Consultations

Autumn term’s consultations will take place week commencing 25th November. The dates highlighted, under the year group, are the days that year group will be available for you to book online, via Teachers2Parents later this week. A text and email will be sent when booking slots are available.


Year Group








Tues 26th








Weds 27th








Thurs 28th









We welcome pupils to these meetings as they are intended to reflect on how they have settled into the new academic year and on areas of strengths and those for development, academic and/or non-academic. (The spring term meetings will be the ones led by the pupils and the summer term, any concerns or follow-up from your child’s annual report.)

Host Family/Families

We are excited to host two French students again, next year, who will be joining us from UCO Brest. The will be undertaking an internship at Wembury, as part of their course, in becoming primary school teachers. They will be with us for one month 9th March 2020-3rd April 2020. (Their final week is during our Easter break and it is unclear at this stage whether they would remain with the host family or stay elsewhere/return home.)

We are looking for either one host family, who could accommodate both girls, Emelyne and Audrey, or two host families. It could also be for two weeks and then another family for following two weeks. The students are here to develop their own English language skills and make comparisons of education between France and England, as well as support the teaching of French within school. Last time the students also provided support in learning French with the host family and I am sure the same will apply with these. Should you be interested in hosting please could you forward your name and contact details to the office, for the attention of Mrs Evans and Ms Kernevez, also stating what you are happy to offer?

Thank you.

Christmas Cards & Orders

The ordering window for Christmas cards is now closed. No further payments or orders can be processed. Thank you to all for your orders and in doing so raising additional funds for pupils and the school.

Behaviour – Rewards & Sanctions

Thank you to those parents who have already provided feedback on the clarity of this policy. Parents are still able to respond, via the link below, and can access the revised policy below, before going to governors for ratification and adoption on 12th November. (The original policy, should you wish to make comparisons, can be found on our website here - POLICY)

We welcome feedback on the clarity of the policy from parents via this link CONTACT US, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Please also remember to use this as an opportunity to discuss and share how rules and sanctions are used and applied with your child/children, to enable all pupils to learn without distraction and the possible consequences when this does not happen. Thank you.  


Health & Safety

Please take care when out and about, after this awful weather. We came into school this morning with one tree uprooted, another with a massive broken, hanging branch and a further tree leaning. Whilst we have already taken precautions and had these inspected and dealt with today I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other trees, in and around the village, that have taken a battering.

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