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BSO BASH – Orchestra Visit


Hopefully you will have heard about, if not read about our BSO Bash visit?

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - introduced percussion in its simplest form – music stands, stools and shoes! There were of course some orchestral percussion instruments too. The children were initially in awe and then came the time where they got to officially join in. (However that did not stop them from clapping along to the beat and rhythm all the way through.) We were delighted that some of the older Pre-school children could join us, in the Village Hall which we were kindly allowed to make use!  Look out for other BSO events locally that involve parents and families too. If you haven’t done so already you can see our article here – BSO loved it!



They pulled, they rowed and were determined to do their very best. Our team of eight, Year 6 rowers saw them row to 2nd place overall, in the Minor schools category. We worked out they had rowed an average of 400mt each and over 3200mt overall. They were a credit to themselves and a real credit to the school – well done to all rowers. Who knows, perhaps like Lottie, a past pupil, they may find they have an exceptional talent or interest in a new sport? Take a look at our article on Past Pupil Success here – Lottie.

Practice sessions

IT and Online Safety


This week sees Internet Safety Day, on Tuesday 5th February. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances with the VR (Virtual Reality) company, our planned visit from them this week has had to be postponed. Hopefully we shall have another date very soon. However in keeping with the IT world there have been some very interesting facts recently published.

From a survey amongst 400 parents of children aged 3 - 16, here are some of the headline stats so far:

  • Whilst 72% of parents (of children aged 3-10) feel equipped to keep their children safe online, of those 72% over half would let their child watch YouTube videos unsupervised.
  • 40% of parents had never heard of Fortnite: Battle Royale. 42% of parents said that they were addicted to their mobile phones and 38% said that their children were addicted.
  • 2-3 hours PER DAY is the time limit imposed by 44% of parents for their children to use their digital devices.
  • Whilst the DfE statutory guidance 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' states that the school Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is ultimately responsible for online safety, 77% of parents surveyed agreed that it is both theirs and the school's responsibility.
  • 85% of parents prefer to learn about online safety via e-learning with information readily available in the comfort of their own homes.


However, this highlighted some of the concerns we have as educationalists, as well, I am sure as parents, the extent that IT can impact on lives. What has become very apparent at school age entry (4 year olds), is the lack of language and ability to hold a conversation children have. We have a growing number of pupils with communication, speech and language needs, far greater than ten years ago. Please consider how much time you allow your child to use IT, especially on their own. Do you truly know what they have been doing, searching, playing, or even contacting online? We have mentioned before our concern at the number of children, especially boys, who play games such as Fortnite. This is aimed at children aged 13 years+ it contains some inappropriate material. We are also aware that a number of children are permitted, by some parents, to play Xbox games, PSP games, 15+ and even 18+. These are rated as such for very good reason an as such primary aged pupils should NOT have access to these. We want our pupils to use IT safely and appropriately, teaching them to do so in school and what to do when they have concern. Please take the time to find out what games or sites they are using (via mobile phones and/or iPads/Laptops) and don’t forget, parental controls and websites are there to help you. Should you have any concerns or even questions, please come and ask or even better why not take a look at what support is available through this link -

This is also available directly from our school website following this link in 'Parents'/'Useful links for parents' - Keeping Safe Online



This possibly, for some, links to the previous paragraph, where concentration wanes? We have very high expectations of behaviour, and as such are having a greater focus on low level disruption, both within class and at times of transition (to and from the playground/hall/along corridors as well as in class transition between subjects.) This includes chatter, fiddling, calling out, not stopping when asked to do so etc. At the start of sessions pupils are set the expectations (this is their warning). Pupils have already stated that they understand that this is to the whole class including them as an individual.   Should any of these behaviours, or others be observed, we implement the procedure as in our Behaviour Policy – their name is moved and either a small amount of time at play or lunch is used to reflect. (The length of time depends on the circumstances.) Whilst no child likes their name moved, nor to use their free time as reflection time, they have the option to correct their behaviour and move their name back up, in a positive direction. Please could we ask that you support us by reinforcing the policy and reminding your child of expected behaviours, including being a STAR, as in the annual agreement. Thank you.

As a ‘STARS’ pupil I will:


Safe: Play safely, and behave safely at all times.

Team: Always work as part of a team.

Accept Responsibility: For the things I do, my school work and homework and taking school letters home.

Respect: Others - Be kind and speak politely to all in school, respect the environment - take good care of the school buildings, equipment and grounds.

Shine: Try my best in all I do, taking risks in learning and asking for help when I need it

Working in Partnership for Success

Teachers & Morning Routine


Although I reminded you that our Breakfast Club is now in the school hall and that club children will be arriving in the playground at approx. 8.35am, please can I reinforce that should you wish to see your child’s class teacher, an appointment needs to be made through the school office and that this time is not used as an opportune time to catch the teacher, as they are in the process of getting resources, deploying staff etc, ready for the day’s learning. Once your child has been signed in you are requested to leave the premises, for safeguarding and health & safety reasons; should there be an emergency we will unfortunately have no record of you on site. Please be reassured that we are more than happy to welcome parents, but we request that you do so, through the correct procedures. Thank you.       

Please look out for news and plans for future entrepreneurial, monthly, initiatives such as 'second hand uniform', 'Bee Club', and class ideas etc.

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