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Dear Parents and Carers,


I have been kindly invited by our Chair of Governors, Sheila Jenkins, to write this blog. A reason for this is that, as a school Governor, a T.A. in the school and a parent myself, I may be able to bring a different perspective. In reality, I think I have been thrown a lifeline. It gets me out of having to struggle with home schooling Year 9 Maths!


Our Governors' meeting for this month was held via email on 24-4-20 and we have stayed in regular touch throughout the month electronically. We appreciate how much the staff are all missing school life and the children, and also how much you and the children are too. It was wonderful to hear of the ways everyone is staying in touch with teachers, support staff, parents and carers sending in photos, pictures and work done by the children. On behalf of the Governors I would like to pass on our gratitude and thanks to Mrs Evans, all the staff, parents and carers of all children for all their hard work and keeping the essence of Wembury Primary School going in these very unusual circumstances.


Home schooling has taken over as the main go-to topic with friends and family. Some of us leapt at the opportunity with gusto, making plans and timetables of various subjects and activities we wanted to do with our children – with visions of putting Mr Kipling out of business with our baking skills whilst hovering over the Magimix.  Others of us sat like a rabbit caught in headlights, slowly blinking and wanting with every fibre of our being to run for the hills. Home schooling can be tough. As a teacher/parent friend of mine pointed out, when teaching your class the children don't tend to stamp their feet, scowl at you and lob a Peppa Pig towards you when asked to sit still and pay attention. The art of negotiation has become a honed skill for many of us. In the back of my mind, I can't shake the feeling that I will find, written in red ink at the bottom of my daughter's work, "Mum/Dad, could do better - see me". The reality is that is not going to happen. We're not going to be judged on our ability to home school, or our parenting skills or any other skills we've attempted (I've tried my hand at a bit of dog grooming) in order to engage our children. The most important thing in all of this crazy situation is to do what we always try to do as parents and carers, to keep our children safe and ensure they feel happy and secure. So whatever and however we do what we do, it's o.k. We're doing our best and our best is good enough.


Please say hello, if you see me out walking the dog. You'll know it's me as the dog is currently sporting a hacked, punk, lopsided Mohican style cut with an embarrassed look on his face!


Be kind to yourself, take care of you and yours, stay safe.


With very best wishes


Annie Kitchen


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