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Wembury in Snow

This Blog may not have the planned events and news but there is still plenty to report.

Well, we knew it was coming but not that quickly and certainly not with that impact! Apologies and thanks to you all.

Apologies for the fact we had to close longer than we had anticipated, but I am sure you will agree it was the correct decision? Plus I believe there were issues with electricity? Hopefully all is now back to normal and we can all resume where we left off.

A massive thank you to all parents and carers for collecting your children, and helping others, who were unable to get to Wembury, either due to work commitments or because the roads were blocked. Fortunately all staff managed to get home safely, most by walking; Mrs Chamberlain and I, who were the last to leave, managed to drive home at a snail’s pace, the lanes were strewn with abandoned cars. We were thinking at one stage we would need to do a sleepover, but thankfully didn’t! Thank you to those parents who offered their support to possibly stranded staff, in this event, it was an exceptionally kind gesture.

It will be interesting to hear tales on Monday – a good story never hurt anyone! Well it is our World Book Day!


World Book Day

Don’t forget that we have a visiting Book Fayre, Usborne, in today offering some fantastic new books for sale, in the hall. Please pop in at the end of the school day to see what is on offer, with your child. Thank you for some fabulous extreme reading photos we will post the winners on our website. These are just a selection of the amazing effort. Click on the link below to see more.

Click here for GALLERY photos


A selection of EXTREME READING

Au Revoir


Unfortunately the planned crepe party, to say goodbye to our French students, Chloe and Emma, did not happen and they have now left to return to their studies in France. Throughout their four weeks with us they embraced school life and had opportunity to visit all classes. They delivered planned sessions in French as well as supporting staff and pupils in other subject areas. They certainly had a varied and different experience! They were delightful young ladies, who were equally liked by staff and pupils alike. We hope that they got home safely and wish them all the very best in the chosen profession of teaching. Thank you also to the families who supported their visit.

Zoo Trip

As you know this trip was postponed. As soon as we have arranged an alternative date we will send out the details.






Please could you ensure that your child continues to have appropriate clothing for the weather and school activities? There are still some children who are coming to school without any coats or warm outer wearing. (So they say, or they can’t find it despite help.) In light of current events children must have suitable outdoor clothing in order to go outside at play time and lunchtime.




The next FroWS school disco is this Friday 9th March, 6.00-7.30pm – £1.00 entry. Should you be able to spare some time to help out please contact one of our FroW members. Due to an increase in number of adults remaining, for the duration of the disco, we will be requesting that only adults of Foundation Stage children, or those with specific needs, stay and to sit in the Year 1 class for this disco, so that the children have space to sit and chill out in the hall. However, if it is your intention to stay, why not help out serving refreshments or even painting faces? I know it would be gratefully appreciated.

Please see further guidance here. 

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