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Welcome back – hopefully you all had and enjoyable Christmas and New Year?

The children have settled in brilliantly today and seem keen and eager to see their friends and share their news.

At the end of the autumn term we had a new school notification system commissioned, for use within school. Some of you may have heard the new melodies for the start and end of the school day? The system will provide an extra layer of security; messages can be directed to the whole school, specific areas and/or individual classrooms. This system has also allowed for the removal of the loud bell, except for a fire emergency, so that different sounds can be assigned to play and lunch, alongside different school needs or emergencies. The system will also ensure a less aggressive sound for those pupils who are sensitive to noise. We have included external speakers to both playgrounds and for the main entrance as this will ensure messages are received within the immediate school grounds, should an emergent need occur.

New Year’s Day Swim

A massive thank you from Terry Clarke, for support this year, at this annual Wembury event. Over £1600 was raised! News coverage and video footage showed great crowds not only watching and supporting but entering the water. What brave souls and what a fabulous way to start 2020!


Don’t forget we have our first whole school disco this Friday 10th – 6.00pm-7.30pm - £1.00 entry.

Parents of children in EYFS are welcome to stay, in an allocated space, for the duration of the disco. As usual, we ask that all children are collected, by a responsible adult, from the school hall. Unfortunately we cannot allow children to meet at the gate or the car park.

There will also be a range of refreshments, face painting and tattoos to purchase on the night, kindly provided by FroWS. Should you wish to offer your help or support at this disco or future discos please contact the Chair – Louise – via email

Privacy Notices

We are required, by law, to signpost parents to our Privacy Notices, these can be found using this link.


The links below will take you directly to the Parents’ and Children’s Privacy documents.






Please remember - should you need to make contact with your child’s class teacher then please do so via; email address or via the 'contact us' link

telephone on 01752 862459 where a message will be taken

or by the school/home book.  

Thank you.

PSHE Invitation for Parents

A reminder that parents are invited to a session on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 @ 5.30pm. We would request that children are not present at the meeting. We hope you, like us, you will see the materials in Jigsaw as educationally sound and beneficial to our children, and we look forward to sharing them with you and answering any questions you may have.

In assembly today we have been considering ‘Dreams & Goals’ and things we are proud of, as well as how it is a bit like a rollercoaster ride!

Parents’ Class Groups

A quick reminder following on from my Blog of 9.9.19 re online communication platforms for Year groups. Any concerns about the school should be done so via the correct means, as in the complaints policy, and not through this forum as a means to do so.  


Respect the purpose

  • Respect the main purpose of the chat group: school and class updates. Irrelevant topics, as well as religion and politics, no matter how strongly you may feel about current events, should not be posted here. There is no easier way to find yourself in a heated argument than by voicing out your opinion in a school chat group, or upsetting individuals.
  • Sending a private message is preferred if a member wants, for instance, to tell another member about anything personal.
  • Be sensitive and think twice before sending out certain messages. It’s always easier to send out invitations to a group chat—but only if you intend to invite everyone.
  • Be helpful. If a member asks about something you know of, or have access to the information needed, share it. After all, that’s what everyone is there for.
  • Don’t call out a parent’s attention. If you must discuss problems, that should be between you and the other parent, not with the whole chat group seeing the messages. Passive-aggressive remarks have no place in the chat group.
  • In case of tension, remember that it is the parents’ chat group, not the children’s. Everyone must act accordingly and always speak in a respectful and mindful manner.

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