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Happy New Year!

What a start to the year – an email from Sir Tim Rice, the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Tony Award, and Grammy Award-winning lyricist!


Dear Susie (if I may):

I was thrilled to read the children’s comments about their production of The Lion King which clearly should move to the West End.

Please thank them all from me.

Wembury Primary is an important part of the Circle Of Life.

Hakuna Matata!

All the best

Tim Rice

As mentioned previously – how amazing was the Lion King performance? And how amazing to have recognition from the ‘guru’ himself? Unfortunately his email was too late for our Celebration Assembly last Friday, but it will certainly be shared with all pupils and parents today. I am so proud that our rural school has had the opportunity to demonstrate its talent to the full and that this has been recognised, beyond all hopes, and deservedly so. A massive well done to our brilliant pupils for rising to the challenge and of course to our amazing staff, especially the inspirational Ms Boucherat. (Hopefully we will get to show these talents again in the Saltash Music and Drama Festival?) It is praise indeed to be acknowledged by Sir Tim Rice – if only we could afford to tour!!!?


Check out these links to Children’s comments and further articles on our website.



Friday 12th we have our first disco of the year £1.00 entry. FroWS will be running the evening with support from parents. Please could you let FroW members know of your availability, even if for only half an hour. Children can arrive at 6.00pm and should be collected by a responsible adult from the main entrance at 7.30pm. Unfortunately children will not be permitted to meet parents outside or in the car park. Please also ensure that you collect your child in a timely manner and if any purses/bags or wallets are brought, these should be clearly named so that if lost can be handed straight back. We currently have at least nine watches in lost property, so if you think your child, or yourself have mislaid a watch, please ask at the office, as a number of watches and jewellery are always left after a disco. Thank you.

Lost Property


Following on from lost watches and jewellery, we also have a plethora of lost property left behind from the autumn term. PE kit, coats, party gear etc. Please could you check as some of it looks expensive or new? If this is not claimed by half term it will be given to a charity. Perhaps a reminder to name all clothing and items brought in to school, as often Christmas sees a range of new items, including coats, being bought over this period.



A reminder for all but especially for those with newly pierced ears – either micropore tape, (or the sturdier fabric tape when swimming) is required for all PE lessons, or earrings will need to be removed, for health and safety purposes. Please also ensure that all earrings worn are the smaller stud type rather than hanging ones. Again this is for health and safety reasons. No other jewellery should be worn, with the exception of watches. (This includes friendship bracelets, anklets and necklaces etc.) Thank you for your support with this.

Mobile Phones


We have a growing number of pupils bringing phones into school but respectfully request, that unless they use the school bus, they refrain from bringing them in. This is because our first priority is safeguarding and safety. At no stage during the school day, including on the school bus, unless in an emergency, should children need to use their phones. The taking of photographs or sending messages is forbidden during school hours or on school transport. Should there be a need for your child to bring in their phone, or any other electronic device, this MUST be handed in to the school office, for safe keeping, throughout the day, and then collected by the owner at the end of the day. We welcome and recognise the use and accessibility of modern technology but also recognise the need for managing this in a fair, respectful and safe manner. The school cannot be held responsibility for the damage or loss of phones or devices. Should these be found, or used, not following the school’s protocols and procedures, these devices will be kept in the office until a responsible adult is able to collect and the child may be restricted in using school technology. Thank you for helping us to keep our pupils safe.

Internet Safety

As you may have heard in the news recently there has been a greater emphasis on making children and parents aware of the safe use of IT and social networks. Very fortunately we had already arranged an NSPCC Parents/Carers Online Safety Workshop in school hall (3:30pm - 4:30pm) on Monday 15th January. We will provide a crèche & refreshments; all welcome. Please check your email and child’s book bag and website as information has already be sent home regarding this. We look forward to seeing you there. As this is a FREE event we would like to support this cause (NSPCC) by wearing GREEN throughout the day as mufti, with a donation of £1.00.

We look forward to another fun filled term where learning skills are at the core of all we do. 

Learning for Life