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Today we welcomed back some of our children into Year 1, Year 6 and Educare. It was so lovely to see them and their parents. All the children came in and settled into their new settings brilliantly – it is amazing how resilient children are. They have engaged in their learning, been excited to see some of their friends and peers, and staff, and Year 6 have completed their daily mile! This afternoon Year 1 & Year 6 will take part in socially distanced activities with Alfie, from Argyle. Bubble 2 will experience the same on Wednesday with Educare at the end of a week, on Friday. 


We know that as confidence builds over the coming weeks we will expect to see more children. Please remember to contact the school office, preferably by email or by telephone, prior to sending them in so that we can confirm their bubble and send out any relevant documentation. Please do not turn up without your confirmation. All children have been pre-allocated a space to ensure numbers and staffing are maintained at a safe level and have taken into account siblings. Thank you.

Year 6 Daily Mile

I would like to thank parents for their continued patience whilst we continue to develop the school plans for a possible wider opening. Although this may prove difficult, all steps taken will prioritise the protection of children and staff. Further updates regarding this will be sent out after the 17th June. Initially we need to take these small steps and see how this goes, but we are also mindful of the ‘R’ rate, particularly in the South West.


Home learning will continue, despite staff now also teaching within school. The Wembury team have been fantastic at adapting continually, maintaining planning, supporting Educare at Dunstone and Sherford, carrying out welfare calls whilst providing home learning with their own children and looking after the wellbeing of their families. It has been no mean feat for anyone, and of course we have no idea how long this may continue. For year groups not in school we have ordered some CPG books which will be distributed once all received. (I believe Year 2 had theirs delivered today?) I have also managed to attain some free activity books for Year 4. Year group staff will contact when they are ready to distribute.


As an aside, I was sent the image of the Queen by one of our lovely parents, which I thought the comparison might amuse one (!) – The Duke of Edinburgh has obviously taken a leaf from my husband’s hair styling skills!   

In the meantime we will endeavour to ensure Wembury Primary School remains the special place to be.


Learning for Life