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Awesome Egyptians

Children and adults had a wonderful theme day filled with creativity and fun.

We started the day with a quick photo shoot to capture all of the amazing costumes, make-up and accessories. The children thoroughly enjoyed putting on their best Egyptian pose!

After, we took a journey through Egyptian life, creating home-made pitta bread and basbousa cake – the smells coming from the corridor outside our classroom were amazing! Whist small groups were cooking, the rest of the class produced their Egyptian clay pots and scarab beetle pebbles.

In the afternoon we became Ancient Egyptian inventors/designers. Children chose whether to design their own working model of a shaduf (used to lift water from the River Nile); a collar made of precious gems or a board game based on the popular Ancient Egyptian games of Senet, Hounds and Jackals or Mehet.

Pupils were such a delight to work with; their endless excitement and enthusiasm made the day the success that it was and they were thrilled to invite parents in at the end of the day to show off all of their hard work and tasty treats.

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs Edwards, Mrs Ridge and Mrs Draper for their fabulous help and support throughout the day with all of the cooking and craft – and indeed their amazing cleaning and tidying skills!

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